Sacrosa Solis
Full Name Sacrosa Solis
Current Age 368
Date of Birth 452FC
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Archoeia
Current Status Dead
Class Omnimancer
Main Weapon(s) Omnimancer
Ability/ies Omnimancy
First Appearance Blood Trance
Latest Appearance Blood Trance

Sacrosa Solis is the main antagonist of Blood Trance, and a Fracture of Knowledge. He used his ability to become the world's first Omnimancer, and used magic to increase his own lifespan by absorbing students of the Scirevicis Academy.


Blood Trance

Sacrosa creates a Flesh Golem designed to resemble his form at 18 years of age, and sends him to join the Scirevicis Academy, where he becomes available as a party member.

Personal Information

Physical Description

As of the events of Blood Trance, Sacrosa had absorbed so many other bodies into his own to extend his lifespan that he resembled a gargantuan pile of flesh.



Sacrosa, via his omniscience, has full mastery of every school of magic, creating a new school known as Omnimancy.