One handed blades that are considered to be the "balanced" weapon class. They have decent range for a melee weapon, and deal a fair amount of damage compared to other weapons. Best suited for new or all around players.

Weapon Appearance Description
Starter Sword A dull looking sword with a gray blade and a small, black hilt. A very basic blade that Klepta can use from the beginning of the game. Has no perks, but no quirks either.
Legendary Sword A sharp sword with a silver blade and grand blue hilt, some runes belonging to an unknown language scattered across it. A blade of evil's bane...hopefully not, since Klepta's using it. A sword with good range that can deal good damage, but swinging speed is somewhat slow.
Mercenary Sword A shorter than average sword with a shiny, silver blade and sharp, brutish hilt with red, orange, and yellow patterns. A sword commonly used by thieves. Well, smarter than average thieves. It has a short range, but it's quick slices can leave enemies hurting.


Large, boxing gloves esque weapons that fit snuggly over Klepta's hands. They have a generally low range, slow swinging speed, and actually decrease Klepta's speed by a bit, but hit pretty hard. Best suited for melee orientated players.

Weapon Appearance Description
Starter Gauntlet A dull looking, metallic pair of gloves that are very blocky around the edges. A very basic pair of gauntlets that Klepta can use from the beginning of the game. Has no perks, but no quirks either.
Knock Out Gauntlet A pair of gauntlets that look exactly like real world boxing gloves. A big pair of hard hitting gauntlets. With some of the slowest swing speed out of all of the gauntlets, this weapon can deal massive damage, granted Klepta doesn't get hit before she finishes winding up.
Fluffy Sleeper Gauntlet Literally two giant pillows tied to Klepta's hands. This pair of gauntlets deal only light blows, but each hit creates a small explosion of feathers, increasing it's range greatly.
Pyrokinetic Automaton Gauntlet Two giant, molten hot metal gloves that with grate like coverings that show magma inside. A pair of scalding hot gauntlets made in reference to Pyrome, the boss of Scorcher Temple. Defeated enemies will turn into fireballs and fly forward, able to potentially damage other enemies.

Hand Blasters

Dual handed firearms so Klepta can go in guns ablazing. They allow Klepta to fire quickly, but are terrible melee weapons. Work best against enemies farther away, and are more suited for sniper or scouting players.

Weapon Appearance Description
Starter Hand Blaster A dull looking pair of polygonal blasters, with a very monotone color scheme. A very basic pair of blasters that Klepta can use from the beginning of the game. Has no perks, but no quirks either.
Sci-Fi Hand Blaster A futuristic looking pair of blasters with a constant flow of neon blue energy inside. The future is now! These blasters shoot somewhat slow moving energy blasts that can stun foes, having a better chance of doing so the closer they are.

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