Sacramento International Television
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Founder(s) Thatkidwiththeafro
Sactown International Television otherwise known by its initials SIT is an international television network created by Sactown Studios as a home for both original and syndicated programming 7 days a week, and in every country in the world. The network will begin transmission in September 2013.

Broadcasting in

  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Africa


Sactown International Television was created in July 2013 to promote both original, and liscensed games from the development studio. The network was also created in order to have a proper home for the studio's original series Tracks Ahead!, due to other networks trying to make major edits to the series as a whole. The channel airs 50% original programming, and 50% syndicated and/or liscensed programming.

Original Programming

Logo Name of Program Description
N/A Tracks Ahead! A group of locomotives from around the world find a new life in the state of California working for the Golden State Railroad under the guidence of the fatherly Mr. Moreno.
N/A Tracks Ahead!: Imagine That! The Golden State Railroad engines' imaginations go wild in this companion to the original series.
N/A Gauken Tracks Ahead! In order to escape South Central Los Angeles, a young man is sent to live with  his grandparents on a diverse every-island where everything is different from back home.
Mr.ScarpLogo Mr. Scarp's Rules for Getting Revenge on an American Railroad that fired you for fun and profit! A series of shorts in which Mr. Scarp gives the viewers advice on how to make other people's lives miserable for fun and profit.
CelebrityDeathmatch-74186 Celebrity Deathmatch Celebrites fight to the death in this "reboot" of of one of MTV's most-popular cancelled shows!
FruitSaladLogo Fruit Salad! The not-so secret spies go under-cover... when they aren't fighting each other!
TugsLogo TUGS: Life in the Bigg City Port The Bigg City Port has changed a lot since the Roaring Twenties!
N/A Power Panda The crimes of Mexico almost always slip through the cracks of Power Panda in this hilarious superhero comedy.
RailSpin The Kiskadeean students take to the skys in the year 1937.

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