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Sabrina (Pokémon)
Full Name Sabrina
Current Age 30
Gender Female
Location Saffron City
Class Mayor of Saffron City
Retired Gym Leader
Main Weapon(s) Pokémon
Psychic Powers
Soon you shall have all the answers you seek however with answers only more questions arise. Be careful
Sabrina, Police Acadamy Answers

Sabrina is a character from both the Pokémon Series and one of its spin offs the Police Acadamy Series the former of which she is more important in.


She was gifted as a psychic from a young age and praised for her skills, she was a very powerful girl and at sixteen she became the leader for the Saffron City Psychic gym which soon became the city's official Gym. She was defeated by many important trainers including Red, Gold, Kris and Professor Gary Oak.

When she was still a young woman of twenty one she met and fell in love with a strapping young man Leonardo the two had a whirl wind romance and she stopped caring about her gym and fell in love with him. They were engaged to be married when he was arrested for being an administrator of Team Rocket, she had no idea and she left him.

Heart broken she couldn't focus on her gym and she gave it up, she left and wandered the world for a few years before returning to Saffron City to use her Psychic abilities as a cleric fortune telling and healing the sick.



Her favourite Kadabra was seen in Police Acadamy: Graduation where she used in a battle. It was next seen as a kart in Police Acadamy: Racers before returning in Police Acadamy: Answers and Police Acadamy: SCPD.


Her strongest Pokémon Alakazam was seen in Police Acadamy: Racers first as a kart. It wasn't seen as an actual Pokémon until Police Acadamy: Answers where she used it against Leonardo not his Pokémon, it was again seen in Police Acadamy: SCPD.


Espeon appeared as a bike in the Nintendo Wii Police Acadamy: Racer X. As this is a spin off game it is unknown whether or not Sabrina actually has an Espeon. It could be noted that Eustace has an Umbreon as a bike in Racer X, the two Pokémon are opposites and reflect the characters personalities, Espeon is Psychic while Umbreon is Dark.

Mr Mime

Mr Mime appeared as a bike in the Nintendo Wii Police Acadamy: Racer X. Sabrina's Mr Mime first appears in Police Acadamy: SCPD where it enters out in front of her at the mayoral debates showing that it is her first Pokémon. He uses a light shield to protect her from an attack.

Police Acadamy series


She was first seen as a cleric in Saffron City in Police Acadamy: Graduation. Here she tells the friends where to go in order to find their new Pokémon. She also appeared in a battle against Renald.


Sabrina appeared again in Police Acadamy: Answers. Revealing more about her past and why she resigned as gym leader and her romance. She was the one that defeated Leonardo. She told Jenny and Marble that she needed to find herself again and she left.


Sabrina ran for mayor Saffron City after Mayor Church was murdered and she won, she then needed Jenny's help from several assassination attempts, although she foresaw both of them coming they needed to happen so Jenny could progress with her life.

Racers series


Sabrina appeared as a playable character in the kart racing game Police Acadamy: Racers. She was a medium weight and her karts were Kadabra and Alakazam.

Racer X

Sabrina appeared as a playable character in the Nintendo Wii kart racing game Police Acadamy: Racer X. She is a medium weight character and is available from the start.

Other Appearances


Sabrina appears as one of the unlockable characters in PokeSmash. She is unlocked by defeating her at Sprout Tower with Leaf. When she is unlocked as is her gym the Saffron City gym. Her team consists of Mime Jr, Drowzee and a Ralts that will evolve into Gallade.