Developer(s) N/A
Publisher(s) N/A
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Japan Flag June 12th, 2099
Flag of Europe June 13th, 2099
Flag of USA June 18th, 2099
Canada June 18th, 2099
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERSB: TRating Teen
Genre(s) Turn-Based Strategy
Series Sabotage
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Sabotage is a Turn-Based Strategy in which the player can play as any of the 22 Agents in an organization called HELIOS. The game features maps which the player must complete with a team consisting of the agents to progress through the campaign. The team that you get when starting a campaign is randomized. The catch is that there are nine traitors in your group that will subtly try and make your missions fail. If there are any traitors left by the time the 9th area of the campaign is completed, they will turn their back against the player's team and block the player from getting the best ending. Every playthrough, the traitors are randomized, so the player has to rely on hints and clues to get the traitors in each floor.


The organization of HELIOS consists of some of the most notorious criminals in the world. 22 of these are hired into a special squad. Recently, the leader of the organization, Antonia, has been threatened with being overthrown and killed by one of their subordinates who codenames themselves as "Night". Antonia also learns that some of her agents have turned cloak with Night. Knowing that there is no clear way to see who Night is with no leads, she sends the squad of 22 into multiple heists throughout the world so the rest of the squad may be able to find the traitors. The traitors and Night cannot strike just yet while there are still members loyal to Antonia who would get in the way, so they play along in her test as well.


The game takes place in 10 areas - the first nine of them are situated in grand heists around the world with an objective such as to raid a palace or assassinate an important person. Each area is split into six levels. At the end of the sixth level, the team must vote amongst each other to vote who they think one of the traitors are and kill them. Only one traitor can reveal themselves per area, except in the 9th area in which there are two of them working together. The player character can look at clues and events when they complete a level to identify suspicious characters. They can converse with the team out of battle to convince others who is the traitor or not. Gaining trust with your team is imperative as this means they will believe you more. Without this, your team may think of you as the traitor and vote you off. If you are voted off, the game is over. The objective is to sway the rest of the team to vote for the person you think is the traitor.

Once someone has been eliminated, they will leave behind their ID. You can equip their ID to your other units so that they may have a fraction of their skills at a weaker rate. Equipping these IDs will also open up different branches of a character's skill tree as they can combine their different skills with the skills learned from the ID.

There are also other modes within the game that can help vary the gameplay.

Mode Picture
Main Campaign The main campaign. There are 10 areas and nine traitors within your group. Each time it is started, the traitors are randomly predetermined. The tenth area of the game changes depending on how many traitors are in your group. If there are none, you access the true ending where you stand off against Night. If there is even one traitor, the same area appears but you do not get to face off against Night. It also makes the tenth area much harder as you will lose the traitorous characters, making your team much smaller. If all the traitors survived, they will gang up on you and the remaining innocents and kill you all
Traitor Mode In this mode, you are working for Night. You and eight other traitors will work together to sway the innocent members of the team away from you and onto each other. The objective is to eliminate all of the innocents. The tenth level changes depending on the amount of innocents left. The true ending sees you keeping the rest of your traitor team alive and killing off the rest of the innocents to take Antonia down. If there is one or more Traitor casualties along the way, the tenth area stays the same but is much harder as you have less units to use. If all of your fellow traitors are killed, you are found out and killed yourself.
Gauntlet In this mode, you take control of 11 units against the other 11 units on the other side. It is essentially a battle mode.
Free play In this mode, you can play any map from any level from any area you have already previously completed.


These are the characters that come into play.


Name Speciality Description
Mexico Rosalia Turret Defense Rosalia's speciality is turret defense, so she can build turrets each turn that do various jobs on the map, from doing damage to enemies to distracting enemies in range. Turrets can be destroyed by enemies, but in general are extremely useful for passive damage and effects. However, she is not very good at much else.

Personality-wise, she appears to be meek but is actually extremely confident in herself. She likes to use her demeanour to throw opponents off guard and lure them in. Born in Acapulco, she grew up with her father, who was an engineer. She took after him in tinkering with mechanics and eventually became experienced in building her own automatic turrets. She became hired by a drug monopoly and became notorious for her defensive turrets which protected the headquarters.

Poland Czesław Sniping Czesław specializes in sniping opponents from afar. He has the longest range in the game and relies on critical hits to inflict massive damage and to defeat targets from afar. He is best kept away from the front lines as he does not have a high HP and is not good at close range combat.
Kazakhstan Inzhu Swordplay Inzhu's swords prove very good at defeating non-armored enemies and are very good at inflicting critical hits. Her speed is very high and she can dodge reliably. However she is not very good at taking hits, and will go down quickly if caught off guard.
Argentina Lázaro Firearms Lázaro wields a multitude of firearms, and is great at shooting enemies at both close range and far away, although he does not excel in these fields. He is well balanced and can fit into most spaces that he is put in, but he does not excel at anything in particular.
Italy Viviana Stealth Viviana's stealth means she can sneak into enemy range without being seen and can pass spaces occupied by enemy units in order to get behind them. She excels in attacking enemies from behind, where she does extra damage. She is the frailest character but this does not become a problem unless she is detected.
GB Flag Telford Medicine Telford is the sole medic in the game, and mainly supports units by using heal or health draining attacks. He is not good at combat but is invaluable in keeping your units alive. He can also revive fainted units on the battle field.
Canada Emma Explosives Emma's explosives deal area damage and have different effects. Some attacks are immediate while some of the others detonate after a set amount of time or when another unit comes near it. While powerful, her drawback is that her attacks can hurt nearby allies too.
Taiwan Wei Map Modification Wei can modify technology around him and adjust it to his will. He can temporarily buff ally weapons or dismantle enemy technology. He is not good at combat but the modifications he makes to the environment, allies and/or enemies make a difference on the battlefield. He can also reliably get the entire layout of the map.
Azerbaijan Aysel Scouting Aysel's scouting helps reveal nearby enemy HP and stats at their most accurate and immediately tracks down their weakness. She is fast and hits moderately hard, but goes down in a few hits, so she is best played going into the front lines and retreating again.
Belgium Roland Lockbreaking Roland can open any chest or door on the map, giving your team the advantage by opening new paths or gaining items. He can also lock doors so no enemies can appear from them anymore. He deals in ranged combat exclusively as in melee he goes down in one hit usually.
Flag of USA Jane Jetpack Jane has massive movement range and can fly over obstacles that may otherwise hinder your team. She can make aerial attacks and reach places that otherwise cannot be. She can also carry a team member with her, albeit at a range penalty. However, her flight makes her an easier target for enemies to get at her.
Cameroon Sadou Hand-to-Hand Combat Sadou fights without weapons, but is very effective at taking down enemy units with his bare hands. His attack range is almost nonexistent but he delivers fast and powerful hits. His HP and Defense is also reliable for him to take on enemies on the front lines.
Seychelles Amandine Traps Amandine makes traps, which ensnare enemies and do different things. After laying down a trap, any enemy that steps on it will receive damage and have their movement reduced to none, making them easy to kill or stop them in their tracks. Her other traps can do different effects, and cannot be destroyed. While useful, she requires setup to do damage.
Australia Flag Trent Amplify Trent can amplify the attacks of the allies around him, buffing their stats and debuffing the enemy. He is also very good in unison attacks and has a large range for them, but does not get reliable attacks that deal good damage until later levels.
India Radha Pyrotechnics Radha can use her flamethrower to mow down enemies in front of her, and set the environment on fire if need be. She deals reliable damage but the fires she makes can deal damage to herself and allies if not controlled properly. She can also use the fire to illuminate dark areas, albeit at a smallr isk of setting things on fire.
Qatar Hassan Defense Shield Hassan's Defensive stats are the highest in the game, and is extremely useful in tanking hits while dealing reliable damage in offense. However, he is very susceptible to critical hits as they ignore defense, so he requires support to fully tank.
South Africa Nyari Hacking Nyari can hack into the enemy's communication systems to predict what they are going to do next. As such, she can dodge reliably and also shut down enemy formations by telling the team about them in advance. She can also hack into the enemy controls and temporarily control their robotics.
Cape Verde Silvio Synchronization Silvio can mimic both ally and enemy stats temporarily, imitating their stats and attacks. This is useful for being a backup and essentially having two of the same unit. However, without synchronizing with anyone, he is very vulnerable. Also, weapons do not carry over and he cannot synch with robots, so he has to rely on his own weapon for damage.
Chile Marcia Robotics Marcia can create robots on a whim which she can control. She can create up to three robots as controllable units on a whim, essentially making her four units in one. The robots are good at attacking but go down easily. While useful, she relies on her robots to do most of the damage, and must spend time repairing them if they go down.
Iceland Óskar Tank Mecha Óskar has his own personal tank mecha which he uses to deal damage. He is deals heavy damage and has high defenses but is slower than foot units. He is susceptible to fire and electric attacks as well, so he cannot tank such types of attacks very well.
Japan Flag Yuzuki Warp Yuzuki can use warp to get around the battlefield in an instant. However, she must warp adjacent to an ally or enemy unit, or a warp zone if she decides to. With this, she can be around the map everywhere many times.
Korea Flag Haneul Status Effect Haneul specializes in inflicting status effects to enemies and healing them off his allies. He has reliable defense but relies on the status effects to actually deal consistent damage. He can stack status effects onto enemies as well.

Non-Playable Characters



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