Sabi's appearance on Pyrohedron systems
Gender Female
Species Android
First Appearance Pyrohedron/Cryogon menus

Sabi is a character designed by Pyro Enterprises. She lacks a role in games or Pyroverse-based media, instead acting as the guide in all existing Pyrohedron and Cryogon systems.


Sabi, being a maid android of sorts, typically acts as such towards system owners. She tends to be calm and collected, working to assist the players in any way that she can, but certain player-based actions can result in her becoming more sarcastic (such as repeatedly answering settings questions incorrectly or refusing her assistance).

Sabi is highly knowledgeable about the inner workings of programming and machinery, and as such claims that she once wanted to be a game developer instead of simply working inside the systems themselves.


Sabi acts as the in-system guide of all Pyrohedron and Cryogon systems, greeting system owners on startup and running basic functions such as the eShop, settings, and internet connection menus. She also manages the basic menu screen, and can be seen polishing or dusting various app icons.