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Sabeuxo the Teddy Bear
Current Age 800+
Gender Male
Species Teddy Bear
Location Crimson Mountain
Current Status Alive
Element(s) Electricity
Vulnerable To Mental
First Appearance BowieQuest α
Teddy Bears


Family and Relations
Voice Actor(s)
Dan Green
Sabeuxo is one of the secondary characters of the BowieQuest series, and is the "brother" of Bowie.  He has the element of electricity and heavily shocks his foes with that power.  To an extent, he is an important character in the series.


It is unknown how Sabeuxo came to be, but it was assumed that he was created by an unknown entity to end the Dark Wars. He accomplished this goal the next six years later, and wanted to have a brother of his own. Since that point, he wanted to have a great, formidable brother that would have as great skill as he has, and no more or less.

When Bowie nearly came to be, Sabeuxo attacked Endal, who was trying to attack Bowie's mother. Although the save failed, it gave the mother enough time to create Bowie. From this point on, Bowie looked over Bowie as a fatherly figure and then released him to go and rival his own father. Eventually, the two saw each other as rivals and brothers. 


Game Appearances




Sabeuxo is seen as a grumpy teddy bear with little happiness or joy inside.  He is entitled to saving all those in terrible crisises, and attempts to do the responsibility as well as possible.  However, he is somewhat gullible.

Often, Sabeuxo sees Bowie as a rival and a step down from him.  As such, he will pick on his brother for the minor things he does and will find ways to make himself look better than him.  This has led Bowie and Sabeuxo as rivals to each other.



They view each other like they're in each other's way. They have similar goals and do not want both of themselves competing for the same goal, so they battle often. They do set things right at the end though.


The relationship between Sabeuxo and Endal is the most serious of all, breaking down to very bloody battles. They will never like each other, no matter what the situation is.


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