This is what I've completed of my Fan Fiction story; Super Mario Brothers: Dimension X. My future game, New Super Mario Bros. Beta follows this story.

Three Purple Toads are sitting at a campfire, roasting marshmallows. “Tell us a story, Grandpa!” says one. “Yeah!” say the other two A grizzled old Toad comes out of the tent, and sighs. “Okay.” He says.
“I’ll tell you a story about Mario the Plumber and his friends. But it’s also a story about Bowser and his children.” He says. “It all started one day. . . .”

Chapter I:

“Why don’t we go on a walk, Mario?” asks Peach. “I don’t know, Princess, with all of Bowser’s recent activity I don’t think it’s such a good idea.” says Mario. “Oh, but if we stay in my garden, we’ll be safe!” says Peach. “Oh, okay.” says Mario. He takes Peach by the arm and leads her out of the room. While Peach and Mario are walking outside, Mario is constantly looking around, as if expecting Bowser to pop out at any turn. Suddenly there’s a rustling in the bushes. Mario goes into a defensive stance. A Koopa Troopa pops up, and does a back flip. “Hello!” It says. Mario starts chuckling. “That’s it! That’s all Bowser sends to retrieve Peach!?!” he says. “No, that’s not all I sent!” says a voice from behind them. Mario slowly turns around and becomes face-to-belly with Bowser himself. Mario gulps, looks to the left and right of Bowser, and gulps again. Bowser is surrounded by 9 of his children; Lemmy, Morton, Ludwig, Roy, Larry, Wendy, Iggy, and Risen, and Wario, the Koopa Troop Wizard. They all start cackling, and then Bowser picks up Mario and throws him into the distance. Then he picks up Peach and jumps into the air, and into the airship. He flies away towards his castle. Mario is flying through the air, and then crashes down in the living room of Wario and Waluigi’s house. Wario looks up from his book and stands up, startled. Waluigi walks in with a plate, and drops it. Mario looks up, and says, “Where am I?”. “In my living room!” says Wario. “Huh? Oh, sorry, Wario. Bowser was stealing Peach again, and he threw me in this direction.” said Mario. “So this is that no-good turtles fault, huh! I’ll help you track him down without pay this time, because no one smashes a hole in my roof and gets away with it.” said Wario, while heaving himself up. “Yeah, I’m coming to!” says Waluigi. The three get in Wario’s car, and drive off. Halfway there, they see Toad walking by the road. Wario slows down and says, “Hey Toad! We’re going to go rescue Peach! Want to come along?”. “Of course!” said Toad. And he hopped in. A little while later, they drove by Luigi’s house. Wario slowed down ,again, and asked Luigi if he wanted to come along. “Of course!” said Luigi, and he, as well, hopped in. All five were now jammed into the tiny car, chasing after the airship.


The group followed the airship for quite some time in Wario’s car. Finally, they caught up with Bowser’s airship. Suddenly, Kamek came flying out from the airship. He flew down next to them, and ,cackling, shot a huge purple blast at them. But he missed, and hit the ground instead! It created a huge swirling vortex, which immediately sucked up the car and it’s occupants. Up in the airship, Bowser and his children were laughing. That is, all but one. “I think the votex is getting to big, Bowser!” said Risen Nonia Koopa. But Bowser was laughing so hard he didn’t notice. Suddenly, the air ship started falling downward, towards the vortex. “WHO TURNED OFF THE FLOTATION DEVICE!!” roared Bowser. “No one did, father! It’s the vortex!” yelled Risen. Soon the airship was sucked in, with Bowser roaring, and Peach screaming. When the airship was totally submerged, the vortex closed. CHAPTER III: The other end of the vortex spit Mario and Co. out in a familiar, yet strange world. It was Mushroom Kingdom, but everything was negative!

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