Do Not Delete This Post, I'm still Working on it
Developer(s) Phantom Hourglass Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Phantom
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Platforming
Series Adventure Series
Media Included Phantom Optical Disk
Super Mario Adventure Is The First Game in The Adventure Series. It was Announced at E3 2013 and Is Still in Development. It Includes Brand New Worlds, Power Ups, and Bosses. Along With Returning Bosses and Power Ups from Previous Mario Games. Along With Some RPG Elements

The Last Time This Game Was Heard Of Was E3 2014 Saying That the Games was, "Not Even Close To Finishing".



Image Name Special Skill How to Unlock
Mario Spin Attack You Start With Him
Luigi Dreamy Luigi Beat Dreamy King Boo in

The Dream Dimension

Toad Hat Float Beat Shadow Toad in The Mushroom Sewers
Mini Mario Spring Shoes Destroy Shadow Mini Mario in

The Mini Mario Factory

Mecha Mario Cannon Fist Beat Bowser in Bowser's Factory

Character's as Of E3 2014

Rumored/Leaked Characters

Image Name Skill How to Unlock When Rumored/Leaked Real or Fake
Peach Parasol Attack Beat the Game "Leaked" Image was Posted

on The Phantom Forms

Bowser Flame Breath Beat Bowser in Bowser's Lair Rumored N/A
Dr. Mario Mega Pill Destroy The Virus Trio

At the MKMC

"Leaked" By a Person Who

Claims that There Dad

Works at Phantom



One Day While Mario & Luigi where at Home, Waking Up, Until Toad Enters There House To Report That the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario's House, and Peach's Castle were in the Sky! Mario, Luigi, and Toad Run To The Castle, Only to Get Knocked Out By a Mysterious Character. Mario Wakes Up To See that He is in The Castle, With the Door Locked, and the Others Missing. It's Up to Mario to Stop Bowser and Save the Others With The Help of all 240 Power Stars.


Very Little Of Skills Where Talked about at E3 2013, But allot of info was Talked about at E3 2014. A special Skill Was Unlocked at Lvl 15 that Can get Certian Stars and Get to Certain Worlds. When The Devs where Asked about If Characters Can Have Multiple Skills. The Answer was, "Just Wait and see".

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