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SUPER Cave Story is another port of Cave Story for the ZeroCube.

SUPER Cave Story
Developer(s) GameZ Inc., Studio Pixel
Publisher(s) Nicalis, Nintendo
Platform(s) Zerocube
Release Date(s)
13th October 2025
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform/Action
Series Cave Story
Predecessor Cave Story 3D
Successor Cave Story 2
Storage Needed 800 MB


Main Mode

The main story, has some edits, like: you can take the Beast Fang without cheats or hacks. Easy, Normal and Hard shares the same sprite, and you can use Quote or Curly.

Can be played with: Original Graphics, Remastered Graphics, 3D Graphics (which can be: Original Sprites, Remastered Sprites and 3D Models).


Listen all of Cave Story's music: Original, New (Plus and WiiWare), Remastered (3D and 3D eShop).


You can use Quote or Curly.

  • Boss Rush - Fight every boss in the game. Unlocked by beating the game in best ending. Starting Items: Nikamuru Counter (when you're in the boss selection room, the counter stops and then reactuvate when you enter a door), Polar Star, 10 HP Foundable Itmes: All Weapons, 90 HP
  • Nemesis Challenge - Make it through the Underside with only the Nemesis. Unlocked when you unlock the Nemesis. Starting inventory: Nemesis, 30 HP Foundable Items: Oxygen Tank (Curly's Air Tank), 20 HP
  • NEW Machine Gun Challenge - Make it through the Left Outer Wall with the Machine Gun. Unlocked when you trade the Polar Star for Machine Gun. SI: Machine Gun, Booster 0.8, 30 HP FI: 20 HP
  • Blade Challenge - Make it through the Battle Colosseum with the Blade. Unlocked when you take the Blade. SI: Blade, 30 HP FI: 20 HP
  • Booster Race - Avoid obstacles in Left Danger City, Middle Warp Dungeon, Right Impossible Cave with only the Booster 2.0 with unlimited fly time. Unlocked when you take the Booster 2.0. If you hit something, you'll die. SI: Booster 2.0 FI: Polar Star
  • Treasure Hunting Challenge - Similar to Kirby Super Star's The Great Cave Offensive. SI: Machine Gun, Blade 60 HP FI: Nemesis, Spur, Fireball, Treasure From N.1 to N. 50, 40 HP
  • Wind Fortress - Save Curly/Quote from the G-CLONE. Note: The Curly clones aren't naked anymore. FI: Map System, Booster 0.8, Machine Gun, Blade, 43 HP SI: Booster 2.0, Spur, 20 HP
  • Beta Ruins - Save Curly/Quote once again from G_TWO. FI: Map System, Booster 0.8, Machine Gun, Blade, 43 HP SI: Booster 2.0, Spur, 20 HP
  • Surface Journey - Travel across: Floating Dungeon, Ultimate Cave, Distorted City, Parallel Dimension, Death Valley and Ancient Tower. FI: Polar Star, 3 HP SI: Booster 2.0, Blade, Machine Gun, Spur, Nemesis, Super Missile Launcher, Fireball, Snake, Tow Rope, Iron Bond, Ma Pignon, Little Family, Videogame, Clay Medal Man, Modern Mind Trophy

I have no more ideas-

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