SUNSET: Dawn of a New Day is a reboot of SUNSET hosted on the same board. Although Sr.Wario still hosts it, many concepts originate from SUNSET players such as Marina, Pablo, Eve, and Exo. The game is the same fundamentally, but has many changes that balance the game out.


Name Played by Description
Marina Meme RosettaChiko Lawmaker.

Married to Eve Sleeve. Short-ish curly black hair and dresses casually




Peppermint Princess

Name Played by Description
Eve Sleeve Peppermint Princess Married to Marina Meme.

Kind yet insane at the same time, loving person who wears cute pink dresses and is uwu flower queen

Vampire Kid


SuperSmashBlender17 Anthropomorphic vampire squid that can turn into a human being
Steve Meme RosettaChiko

Peppermint Princess



Peppermint Princess
Ethan Harder CSketch



Radical hair and chill attitude.

Name Played by Description
Zinnia Exotoro ZinniaSUNSET
Mid Delores MidnightYoshi Judge.

Been away from society for many years, has almost completely lost it.

Doctor SuperSmashBlender17 Looks like a generic doctor with purple hair and 3D glasses. Acts nothing like a doctor

Name Played by Description
Mochflet "Mooch" Draborbino PabloDePablo Lawmaker. Married to Kimbra.

Spiked up brown hair, goggles, really big labcoat. huge nerd, but a huge nerd that can build robots

Lauren RosettaChiko

Peppermint Princess


(Carrot-Elephant Hybrid Demon)


Name Played by Description
Brock Diddles NepetaLast Lots of facial hair, but bald. Mean and grouchy, no one wants to be around him. Wears the tackiest clothes imaginable

Name Played by Description

Name Played by Description
Jim the Cop II TerrariaBoss Lawmaker

Brown hair and a shirt saying "Totally not a undercover cop"

Name Played by Description
Zalf Purplemann Purplemann CrunchyTommy A salesman with a catdog helmet, he runs MannCorp.

Name Played by Description
Drake Fallafel SuperSonicDarkness Can be a bit sadistic, but always helps out his friends.
Scrambled Eggs




CSketch Police

Name Played by Description
Kimbra Blowfish Exotoro Kimbra Married to Mochflet.

Wears a orange hoodie with fish scales, has wild red hair and black skin, wears a pufferfish on the right side of her head. Extremely manipulative and will do anything to ensure that she is successful.

Jay Milan CSketch Judge.

Nice guy but can be a bit of a show-off at times, especially when he's acting

Name Played by Description
Louisa RosettaChiko

Peppermint Princess

Lynn Exotoro





Name Played by Role Description Death
Money Mc$ SuperSmashBlender17 Banker Dresses casually, natural dark blue/purple hair. Acts completely random, but serious at times Suicide


PabloDePablo Engineer Self Destruction

(Tentacle Monster)

Exotoro Unemployed Murdered by Kimbra in a fit of madness


Exotoro Unemployed RopePortrait Murdered by Kimbra in a fit of madness


In the new version roles are based on industries which they correspond to.

Food Industry

  • Farmer ~ The generic food role. Sells crops and other farm-related foods.
  • Hunter ~ Kills and sells animals for meat.

Science Industry

  • Doctor ~ Heals injured players and animals.
  • Engineer ~ Builds electronics for usage by players.


  • Banker ~ Allows storing and managing of your money, charging interest.
  • Gambler ~ Can gamble every so often for an attempt to gain money.


  • Teacher ~ Teaches to students in college, gets paid.
  • Salesman ~ Sells goods purchased from other classes at lower prices.


All of the following work to boost the skills of players, including themselves.

  • Musician ~ Sells albums which can be played at home multiple times to increase skills slightly.
  • Actor ~ Greatly increases a skill of a player, but must first practice.

Law Enforcement

Both of the following are paired with another role of a player.

  • Police ~ Apprehend and arrest suspected criminals.
  • Judge ~ Rules over a court and decides the final fate of a criminal.


  • Lawmakers (paired with another role) ~ Decide what is and isn't allowed in the city.


These are all of the current laws which are official in SUNSET.

  1. You cannot murder someone.
  2. You cannot intentionally harm someone.
  3. You cannot sell sentient beings to other players.
  4. Prostitution is illegal.
  5. Adultery is illegal.