SUNSET is a civilization simulator/surreal roleplay created by Sr.Wario. The RP was started as a serious epic revolving around the mysterious Sunset of Sunset City. This fell through quickly, and it became a loose fun story of randomness and crazy stuff. You can drop in at any times!


The forum is constantly updating, but this section has major events.

Day 1

Act 1: A Tale of Two Lawmakers

"You are an everyday joe who wakes up one day with no memory of the past, yet full awareness of your personality and role. Confused with what to do, you alongside others with the same problem, set up a society in a land of perpetual sunset, which they call Sunset City."

From there, the original five assembles: Luigi, Pablo, Devin, Taylor, and Jim. After a while, Devin shows his ugly true motives, and is killed, alongside Taylor who is taken down by Devin.

Act 2: Mutation

A mutant named POI rose to power, mutating further into a monster that was the sole lawmaker. He commited various injustices, and upon having a Footloose dancing moment, Oinkley led a campaign against him and won. Now running for lawmaker, Oinkley made an aggresive charge despite being the sole candidate...

Act 3: Blagh Digger

With Oinkley rising, Day 1's final hours were a period of change for Sunset City. Marina and Pablo had a son which Marina quickly abandoned, leading Pablo to have a revenge baby with Eve. Blart and Vampire Kid married and had a child named H, shortly after Oinkley's official promotion. Demoting Marina to avenge Pablo, the day ended with a robot army being contained, Pablo and Eve forming a megafarm, and Marina drowning herself, only for a mysterious doppelganger to take her place.


The game's "dungeon master" is Sr.Wario, who plays a deity known as the Sunset in-universe.

Name Played by Description
Pablo Farmington PabloDePablo Somewhat rugged, long hair, T-shirt that says "#RememberOinkford".

Wise beyond his years, a true expert farmer Part of the Royal Family

Eve Sleeve Peppermint Princess Adorable young lady with long curly brown hair and wears cute pink dresses and is uwu flower queen.

Lives peacefully in a farm outside the city and drives a ferrari Part of the Royal Family

Betsy Peppermint Princess Daughter of Pablo Farmington and Eve Sleeve. Has blonde hair and wears a black and white spotted shirt, along with denim shorts.

Part of the Royal Family

Name Played by Description
Salesman McSalesmanington SuperSmashBlender17 Only wears purple, ever
Blart Mememan MidnightYoshi Married to Vampire Kid.

Bad cop, not as in aggressive but just bad at his job. Absolutely clueless. Part of the Royal Family.

Marina Memetwo RosettaChiko

Name Played by Description
Jim TerrariaBoss Brown hair and a shirt saying "Totally not a undercover cop"
Taylor O'Brien Hamclub13 Messy, dirty blonde hair

Always joking around, but serious when it comes to his job

Name Played by Description
Billy Loret TerrariaBoss Looks like your standard Engineer guy
Cameron Sketch CSketch Likes to build stuff

Name Played by Description
Ralph Redtawn CrunchyTommy A black market salesman,he looks just like ralph except hes red,he uses a new hip underground currency called zings

Name Played by Description
Small Peb PabloDePablo Son of Pablo Farmington and Marina Meme

Part of the Royal Family

Name Played by Description
Robot Devin Todd SuperSonicDarkness Uploaded consciousness in a robot child from a deceased Devin.
Revenge Baby 2 PabloDePablo

Peppermint Princess

Son of Pablo Farmington and Eve Sleeve

Part of the Royal Family

KinglerMaster KinglerMaster Economist, Human/Crab hybrid

Name Owned by Role Description
Oinkley Pablo Farmington Farmer


Oinkletta Pablo Farmington Teacher Pig, Oinkley's girlfriend.
Vampire Kid Salesman McSalesmanington Engineer Married to Blart Mememan.

Is a squid and a kid. Part of the Royal Family.

MUTOCTOCARROI Salesman McSalesmanington Useless 8 armed elephant-carrot mutant.
Moolly Eve Sleeve Farmer Cow, produces milk

Name Played by Role Description Death
Luigi Johansson .vectorDestiny Salesman looks like david bowie with a top hat

also has the personality of david bowie with a top hat

Marina Meme RosettaChiko Useless short-ish curly black hair and dresses casually

no one takes her seriously

Fetalisk Fetałisk Useless Suicidal fish Drowning
Potatosaurus SuperSmashBlender17 Useless Potato with arms and legs Donations to the gods of disfigured food items.
Fake Jalf/Ralph Bluetawn CrunchyTommy Police/Useless Definitely not Ralph Bluetawn JK he was Attempted murder on Oinkley,rest of townfolks murderized him

Name Played by Role Description
H MidnightYoshi


Queen of the World Daughter of Blart Mememan and Vampire Kid

Married to Revenge Baby #1

Revenge Baby 1 PabloDePablo

Peppermint Princess

King of the World Son of Pablo Farmington and Eve Sleeve

Married to H


To start, players create a character with a name, personality, and role. There are currently 6 roles:

  • Farmer(Farm crops to sell)
  • Police(Police the city, earn 5 dollars per good action)
  • Teacher(Teach for 5 posts, earn 50 dollars)
  • Engineer(Build things to sell)
  • Salesman(Buy high, sell low)
  • Gambler(Gamble every 5 posts, earn 100 dollars)
  • Doctor(Heal wounded people, earn 100 dollars)
  • Entertainer(Sell things to Entertain)
  • Scientist(Sell potions that alter Events)
  • Banker(Hold money, give loans, charge interest)

Characters can have sub-roles:

  • Lawmaker(Make unlimited laws, but must be elected first)
  • Economist(Manages money, earns 10 dollars per 5 posts, must be made by Sr.Wario)

Every character can be murdered if more people rally against them than for them. If a Lawmaker is murdered, they are simply demoted, and can rebuild their lives.

Players can own multiple characters through animals(which are found) and babies(when a man and woman reproduce). Babies are co-owned by the parents/stepparents. These can earn their own roles through school, where they may or may not graduate.