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SSonic Generations 2onic Generations 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed Sonic Generations. It is an exclusive title to the XbLouisx 36Louis.


Sonic is just hanging out when suddenly Doc Louis comes in and tells him to get in his Delorean, becuase Eggman has messed up the future. This turns out to be false, as it is really Doc Louis that messed up the future. Future Doc Louis injects Sonic with Doc Louis cancer, and tells him that he only has 48 hours to live. Gotta go fast!

Sonic then travels to the future with Past Doc Louis and board a space ship. The space ship then goes under attack by a threat on the ship, The Xenomorph. They exit out of the ship and bump into Mario, who flies through space so fast he ends up traveling in time, where they meet Bayonetta. Little did they know Xenomorph was also sucked into the time warp! Doc Louis, Sonic, and Bayonetta defeat the Xenomorph and then they are suddenly greeted with a black hole. They are sucked in, and meet Vectorman who has been in this black hole for a couple of years now. Sonic tells Doc Louis that he has figured out the only way to get rid of Doc Louis cancer is to let Doc Louis beat him up. After Doc Louis beats him up, the black hole and Doc Louis cancer disappears. Sonic awakens in a new universe with a scarf on his neck and bandages on his arms and legs. Sonic Boom... sonic boom...


  • Green Hill Zone
  • The Future
  • The Space Ship from Alien
  • Witch Area
  • The Black Hole
  • Sonic Boom Universe


*clap* - Qyzxf

" finally a worthy title to the XbLouisx 36Louis" - .vectorDestiny

"WTF?" - Nermalthebunny

"Ah, there are finally joys of playing a game starring the good Mr. Louis. Not Sonic. Doc Louis is what makes this game fantabulous." - SuperDuperMarioKirby


IGN's review stated "there is no such game as SSonic Generations 2onic Generations 2, it's a masterpiece from beginning to end. What a great way to start off the console life of the XbLouisX 36Louis", GameSpot's review said "SSonic Generations 2onic Generations 2 is the Citizen Kane of video games.", The Game Genie's reviews said "A masterpiece in storytelling and gameplay". Every one of those reviews gave it a 10 score.


Okariona98500IloveCOD said "it's not cod but i like it anyway", bf3dufe said "holy shit", whatisahomestuck said "graphics", nintendohatercodlover said "what", MicrosoftFanBoy11158922005149846510849eleven said "better than superman 46", QuestFantasyOgre said "goty", GoombaFanFicWriter said  "for once ign was right about something". Every one of those users gave it a 10/10 score.

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