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  • Snake:Huh i Dont Understand
  • Clonel:What Oh Ya With Mario on Stage You Will Regret It
  • Snake:Hey!!!........ At Least i Dont Hafe To Eat Flowers
  • Clonel:Ya Right  Now Get Thare And Show Him  What Your Made of


  • Clonel:Hey Snake She Is Peach Princess Peach
  • Snake:Why Princess Those are Old
  • Clonel:Not This One She Has Powerful abilitys
  • Snake:Like
  • Clonel:She Can Slap You Kick You & Just Wait Tell She Relecess Her Toad Army on You
  • Snake:Okay But Whats Next are You Going To Say Prince Charming Is Togh
  • Clonel:In Some Ways Yes Now Get Out Thare Solider

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