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This is the list of Snake's Codec Conversations from Super Smash Bros. Epic Battle.

Mario Series


  • Snake: "Commander! Mario's back!"
  • Clonel: "Mario never quits. I thought you knew this by now."
  • Snake: "I did, just that, it seemed a little weird."
  • Clonel: "And what was he doing just now?"
  • Snake: "He was kicking my butt with Flowers and Mushrooms!"
  • Clonel: "Thats no surprise."
  • Snake: "Hey!"


  • Clonel: "Snake! That's Peach!"
  • Snake: "So what? She's going to sick a mushroom on me?"
  • Clonel: "Oh, more than just that. She acts like a spy when kiddnaped. And sends useful items like 1-Ups to her hero, Mario."
  • Snake: "Why?"
  • Clonel: "Because of the stupid koopa up ahead."


  • Snake: "What is that? Some kind of combanation between a mushroom and a kid?"
  • Clonel: "That's Toad, Snake. The bravest warrior of the Mushroom Kingdom."
  • Snake: "Sounds like annother frog to me."
  • Clonel: "Don't underestimate him."
  • Snake: "I won't. You sound like you don't trust me."
  • Clonel: " No. It's more then that."


  • Snake: "Is that the stupid koopa you were talking about?"
  • Clonel: "He has a name you know. Bowser, King of the Koopas."
  • Snake: "Koopa, what is that, Jewish?"
  • Clonel: "Not right now. Anyways, he can either sick his army on you, or he can take care of it himself."
  • Snake: "I'd hate to be squashed by that big bum!"
  • Clonel: "It's not likely for him to do that. He'll stick to fire and claws, most of the time."
  • Snake: "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • Clonel: Go out there, and find out for yourself."


  • Snake: "Is that Mario in green clothes, or Luigi?"
  • Clonel: "That's Luigi, the un-famous Mario Bro."
  • Snake: "How is he not famous? He's token down the king of ghosts with nothing but a vacuum cleaner!"
  • Clonel: "I don't know. Maybe people just don't like him."
  • Snake: "Well, he does look a little pale."
  • Clonel: "That's because he needs to get out more, like you! Go!"
  • Snake: "Ok, ok. You don't have to yell."


  • Clonel: "Snake! Watch out!"
  • Snake: "Whoa! That came out of nowhere! But was that a gem?"
  • Clonel: "Yes. That's Gasparo out there on the field. He's a treasure hunter, so he will use every gem in the world to bring you down."
  • Snake: "That sounds weak. Why can't he just use weapons?"
  • Clonel: "Those are his weapons. He has also found the Heart of the Mushroom Kingdom, a powerful life source of his home."
  • Snake: "Still sounds like a bunch of trash to me."
  • Clonel: "We'll see about that. Now get out there!"

Legend of Zelda Series


  • Snake: "Is that a sword?"
  • Clonel: "Yes. There are other things to use then bombs and gear."
  • Snake: "Who is he? Whoever he is, he must slow down, wearing all those weapons all the time."
  • Clonel: "Don't judge Link! Besides, you do that too."
  • Snake: "Well at least I make it look good."
  • Clonel: "Patao, Patatoo. Just dodge the sword."
  • Snake: "Why?"
  • Clonel: "It's the Master Sword."


  • Snake: "Clonel, do you know who this princess is?"
  • Clonel: "She's Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. You've faced Peach, I think you can deal with another princess."
  • Snake: "But she was too easy. Zelda uses magic!"
  • Clonel: "She got them from the godesses who created Hyrule. Sorry Snake, but there's nothing I think I can do to help."
  • Snake: "Alright."
  • Clonel: "Oh, and one more thing."
  • Snake: "Yes?"
  • Clonel: "Ask her how I could get some of that magic."


  • Snake: "Who is this skillful ninja?"
  • Clonel: "That was Zelda. This is Sheik."
  • Snake: "I think you might be making this up."
  • Clonel: "I'm pretty sure that I told you about Zelda's magic."
  • Snake: "Yea, but I didn't think it would be that powerful."
  • Clonel: "It's pretty powerful, just as powerful as those ninja moves she knows."
  • Snake: "And I'm gone. Wish me luck!"


  • Snake: "This guy gives me the creeps."
  • Clonel: "You mean Ganondorf? He's not all that bad. Sure he uses dark magic, trasform into both a beast and a dragon, and has tried to take over Hyrule plenty of times."
  • Snake: "Thanks for the help. I'll make sure I die in a hole for you."
  • Clonel: "Be serius. Now go out there, and fight to your heart's content."


  • Snake: "Is that a demon?"
  • Clonel: "Yes. But not just any demon. His name is Ghirahim, the most violent person I know, excluding you."
  • Snake: "I'm not that violent!"
  • Clonel: "Fine. Including you. He has a very murderous rage, and would rather have people suffer then die."
  • Snake: "That's pretty violent. But I'm just going to go and fight."
  • Clonel: "Ok. Remember to not let the sword touch you."
  • Snake: "Why? Is it because that blade is cursed, and is realy sharp?"
  • Clonel: "That, and it has his slimey spit on it."

Toon Link

  • Snake: "Is that Link again?"
  • Clonel: "No, that's Toon Link. Two totally diffrent people."
  • Snake:  "Copycat."
  • Clonel: "He's no copycat. Sure he has most of the attacks Link does, but he's faster and more agile."
  • Snake: "So what?"
  • Clonel: "I'll tell you so what. He can take you down faster then Link can all by himself!"
  • Snake: "Are we still talking about that? That was just for twelve seconds!"
  • Clonel: "Just, go have some fun."

Kirby Series


  • Clonel: "Don't let that beast eat you!"
  • Snake: "This little pink marshmellow? Come on. What's the worst that could happen?"
  • Clonel: "Kirby could use his copy abilities, smack you with his hammer, smash you with his stone, slice you up with his sword, and cook you up for dinner."
  • Snake: "All that from this fluff ball? Don't you think that's a little too much?"
  • Clonel: "I blame his parents."

Yarn Kirby

  • Snake: "Commander, how is he made up of yarn?"
  • Clonel: "Yarn Kirby is from Patch Land, where everything is made of yarn. But don't let that make you think twice."
  • Snake: "Why?"
  • Clonel: "He can still use his copy abilities. Be prapared."
  • Snake: "Already done."

King Dedede

  • Snake: "Is that a king or a theif?"
  • Clonel: "Both. That's King Dedede."
  • Snake: "He's one fat baddie. How does he fit through the air vents?"
  • Clonel: "He doesn't. He steals from markets."
  • Snake: "Well thats dum."
  • Clonel: "It is. But he is a master at it. With a great combanation of his hammer and his Waddle Dees, he acts like a pro."
  • Snake: "Thanks Clonel. Now I'm off to battle this master mind"
  • Clonel: "Even though he's not a master mind, I wish you good luck!"

Meta Knight

  • Snake: "How many Kirbys can there be?!?"
  • Clonel: "That is the opposite of Kirby, Snake. This is Meta Knight your talking about."
  • Snake: "All he looks like is Kirby with a mask and cape."
  • Clonel: "Did you realy forget about the Halberd? His army? His sweet swordsmanship?"
  • Snake: "I don't get it with these Dream Land folks."
  • Clonel: "I'm sure they'll make planty more sense if you spend more time with them."
  • Snake: "And how do you know this?"
  • Clonel: "...The internet."



  • Snake: "An electric mouse?"
  • Clonel: "That's no mouse! That's a Pokemon that goes by the name Pikachu."
  • Snake: "You only answered half of that question. Is it electric?"
  • Clonel: "Why else do you think it's an electric type? It's nothing but electricity."
  • Snake: "So what should I do? Through a granade and wait for it to go BOOM?"
  • Clonel: "No, it's attacks are long ranged too."
  • Snake: "Dang. Well, I guess I'm off to look for it's weakpoint."
  • Clonel: "Ok. But bring a First Aid Kit, just in case."

Pokemon Trainer

Nintendo 53 version

  • Snake: "Who's that kid with the weird looking ball?"
  • Clonel: "That's Pokemon Trainer, and that weird looking ball are holding three powerful creatures."
  • Snake: "Yikes. What horrid creatures does he have?"
  • Clonel: "A Piplup, a Grotle, and an Infernape. With the elements of Grass, Water and Fire."
  • Snake: "It's easy to mow the lawn and shred water, but fire? No way."
  • Clonel: "The fire one isn't the only one you have to worry about. The other two are just as powerful."
  • Snake: "We'll see about that. Now, I have to go mow the lawn."

Nintendo DX version

  • Clonel: "Snake! I can see your in a Pokemon Battle."
  • Snake: "What's a Pokemon Battle?"
  • Clonel: "You're kidding, right? It's were Pokemon fight each other."
  • Snake: "But who is this guy?"
  • Clonel: "He's a Pokemon Trainer. He is currently using three Pokemon. Think you can handle it?"
  • Snake: "Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard? That's like saying 'can you throw a granade?'!"
  • Clonel: "Just get out there and fight."

Lego Series

Lego Cop

  • Snake: "Is that a man made out of building blocks?"
  • Clonel: "And is very powerful. Lego Cop is the leader of the Lego Police Squad."
  • Snake: "What's he going to do? Arrest me and put me in a building block prison cell?"
  • Clonel: "If he want's you to, and you'll stay there. Now get out there."
  • Snake: "Yes Commander!"

Lego Laval

  • Clonel: "Wait. There's Laval!"
  • Snake: "So what?"
  • Clonel: "He's the Prince of the Lion Tribe, and hero of Chima."
  • Snake: "He's a lion. What did you expect? Lions are the king of the jungle!"
  • Clonel: "Not in this fairy tale. Everyone shares the land, their are only kings and queens for one tribe each."
  • Snake: "Great story. Now can you give me some help?"
  • Clonel: "Just don't let him grab for his chi."

Lego Kai

  • Snake: "Another ninja?"
  • Clonel: "Yes, but Kai has the the element of fire."
  • Snake: "Does this mean he has some stupid dragon?"
  • Clonel: "He did, but then he gave it to his Spinjitzu Master-in-Training."
  • Snake: "Spinjitzu is just another stupid spinning attack. Those are no longer special."
  • Clonel: "Oh, this one is plenty special. It can be small with the fire element, or he can have his fellow ninjas help him to make the Tornado of Creation."
  • Snake: "The power to make something out of nothing is no longer special either."
  • Clonel: "You're just making this harder for me. Go enjoy your battle."

Yoshi Series


  • Clonel: "Don't let that dino eat you!"
  • Snake: "Well, since you said that about Kirby, the pink marshmellow as well, I'm guessing this one is just as bad as him."
  • Clonel: "If he eats you, he can use you to his advantage. You'll be sealed in an egg, unable to move."
  • Snake: "Is it male or female?"
  • Clonel: "Yoshi's gender is unkown to me, but most people count him as male."
  • Snake: "That's just plain gross. I can't wait 'til all this stupid stuff is over."
  • Clonel: "Me too. Now go!"

Donkey Kong Series

Donkey Kong

  • Clonel: "Snake, you know that monkey?"
  • Snake: "You mean that bad ape?"
  • Clonel: "That's Donkey Kong. DK for short."
  • Snake: "Do you think he still has that grudge on Mario?"
  • Clonel: "I know so, but that's the least of your problems."
  • Snake: "What do you mean?"
  • Clonel: "That big dope packs a punch. Be careful."
  • Snake: "Got it. I hope he likes bananas."

Diddy Kong

  • Snake: "A dancing monkey?"
  • Clonel: "That's Diddy Kong. DK's favorite partner."
  • Snake: "Why do some people have to be weirder than me?"
  • Clonel: "He can use his jet pack, peanut popgun, and banana peels. And he's not that weird."
  • Snake: "Who said I was talking about him?"
  • Clonel: "Just go fight while I get that insult out of my mind."
  • Snake: "Got it."

Dream World Series

Dream Boy

  • Snake: "Another little dinosaur..."
  • Clonel: "That's Dream Boy. Like Kirby, he's saved the dream relam hundereds of times."
  • Snake: "Dream Boy sounds like some girl's lover boy."
  • Clonel: "Sounds like he's gotten you to, Snake."
  • Snake: "What do you mean by that?"
  • Clonel: "See that glove on his hand?"
  • Snake: "Yea. Who goes around wearing only one glove?"
  • Clonel: "That's his Dream Reviver. It revives dreams."
  • Snake: "He hasn't gotten me with that stupid thing."
  • Clonel: "And your back."

Mr. Nightmare

  • Clonel: "Snake, get out of there!"
  • Snake: "Why? Because of some grandpa in a suit?"
  • Clonel: "That's Mr. Nightmare, he crushes anything good or dream-like, and replaces them or it with a nightmare."
  • Snake: "So he looks like a daddy, but has super-evil powers?"
  • Clonel: "You'll need everything you got to bring him down."
  • Snake: "Alright then. Come here so I can throw you at him."
  • Clonel: "Quit goofing off and get out there."

Metroid Series


  • Clonel: "Snake, do you know who Samus is?"
  • Snake: "No. But with that suit on, he looks kinda cool."
  • Clonel: "Don't you mean she?"
  • Snake: "What?"
  • Clonel: "Samus Aran is a girl in a power suit."
  • Snake: "She no longer sounds so tough."
  • Clonel: "More tough than you"
  • Snake: "No. That's a lie."
  • Clonel: "It's no lie. That arm canon of her's has alot of energy stored up in it."
  • Snake: "I'll be careful."

Sonic Series

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Clonel: "Look's like the star of the show is here."
  • Snake: "Sonic's not the star of the show, I am!"
  • Clonel: "He has super speed, and can turn into a super being. And during the night, he turns into a beast."
  • Snake: "Errr..."
  • Clonel: "What's the matter, Snake? Are you jeleous of Sonic?"
  • Snake: "No. It's nothing. I'm going back to the battle now."

Miles "Tails" Prower

  • Snake: "Clonel, some kid with two tails are here. Looks like some kind of mutant fox."
  • Clonel: "That's Tails, but his real name is Miles Prower."
  • Snake: "I don't need his name, I need info!"
  • Clonel: "Right. He might look like a useless kid, but he can fly."
  • Snake: "Using those two puny tails? No way."
  • Clonel: "Yes way. He has also been of great use to Sonic in the past."
  • Snake: "Can we please get off the subject of Sonic? It's my least favorite thing to talk about."
  • Clonel: "Ok. Sorry I brought it up."

Knuckles the Echidna

  • Snake: "Commander, who's that tough guy with the fists?"
  • Clonel: "That's Knuckles. He's the toughest guy in the game."
  • Snake: "Then just how tough is he?"
  • Clonel: "He has punching fists of fury. His knuckles are also all spicked up. And the Chaos Emeralds that turn Sonic super..."
  • Snake: "I thought we wern't going to talk about him anymore."
  • Clonel: "Sorry. So anyways, he holds the power of a gem thats more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds themselves."
  • Snake: "Sounds tough. So, is there going to be anything funny your going to say, or what?"
  • Clonel: "Quit being a dimwit."

Amy Rose

  • Clonel: "Watch for her hammer?"
  • Snake: "Whose?"
  • Clonel: "Amy Rose's Piko Piko Hammer. It's pretty powerful."
  • Snake: "So the rose has thorns. Intresting."
  • Clonel: "It's more than thorns. It's anger. She can get prety angry, exept for when she becomes sweet around the hedgehog."
  • Snake: "So she's wrapped? around the show-off. Also intresting."
  • Clonel: "Just go and claim your victory."

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Snake: "Is that show-off hedgehog back?"
  • Clonel: "No. That's Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform."
  • Snake: "I think there are too many copies. Luigi, Kid Link, Raichu, now Shadow?"
  • Clonel: "He is the opposite of Sonic. Just like Meta Knight and Kirby, he is also more powerful."
  • Snake: "You say he's the Ultimate Lifeform. What can he do that makes him just this powerful?"
  • Clonel: "He was created by Gerald Robotnik & Black Doom, and the last one is an alien. He donated some off his DNA to help him get created."
  • Snake: "Wow."
  • Clonel: "Today, he can tap into chaos energy, and use it to teleport himself, or throw a spear made from chaotic energy."
  • Snake: "That's powerful. Are you sure that's not just stupid Sonic in black?"
  • Clonel: "I'm certain that's not Sonic! Be careful out there! You could be hurt!"



  • Snake: "Clonel, who is that stylish but plain dude?"
  • Clonel: "That's a Mii. Theres diffrent types, all customizable."
  • Snake: "So?"
  • Clonel: "So what?"
  • Snake: "Can you inform me on anything else?"
  • Clonel: "They're very athletic, saying that they've apeared in Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart 7, and more!"
  • Snake: "So..."
  • Clonel: "So... think smart, unlike your usual self, to defeat them!"
  • Snake: "Smash Bros. just got a whole lot weirder."

More Coming Soon!

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