Sonic XTREME Boxart

Sonic XTREME is A Nintendo XTREME Game, And A Launch Title Planned To Be Released November 30, 2016, it takes place on the Lost Sphere planet, it Has Sonic And Knuckles Exploring A Lost Planet, it will also feature Tails, Amy And Sticks.


After the events of Sonic Lost World, Sonic And Tails Are Flying Off From Lost Hex, But their plane crash lands into the Lost Sphere and at the right time Sonic And Tails Jump out of it before to plane falls into a volcano. After that Sonic starts exploring the Lost Sphere, Beating Levels and exploring, eventually Sonic See's Something Moving In A Jungle, But it turns out to be Knuckles, who was using one of Tails test planes. Knuckles And Sonic find their way back to tails and Knuckles say they should go to the "The Mountain Of Lava". Once you arrive there you go inside the mountain to find Dr.Eggman stealing some gems, then it starts the game first boss battle, once you win you continue exploring the Mountain Of Lava to the top. Once you arrive at the top, in the distance you can see the lost hex, and Zavok wanting revenge, you look down from the Mountain of Lava and see Amy, who was also flying with Knuckles, you find amy has been kidnapped by Dr.Eggman, you beat him again in a boss battle and Amy Joins Your Team, you go back to Tails to find that he has been working really hard to find a way out of here and says that he can see a strange signal comming from the south. After traveling that way, you find a cave, you go in a see a black figure that says "You...Sonic....Yes YOU!!" you then fight him and after beating him he runs away, you run back into the cave and see that Sticks is stuck in a jail, you rescue her and she says she wants revenge, than Sticks Joins you team, after that, you go through 3 more worlds and find the black figure on a volcano, this starts the final boss battle. If you beat him, it will activate 1 of 2 endings, if you win Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles And Sticks Leave the island and it starts the credits, if you lose, you get sent back Earth when the black figure punches you, you then see the Lost Sphere Getting Destroyed.

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