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SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 is The sequel to The Video game SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2006. it Released For Wii U And 3DS on November 23 2017.


The game Takes place Shortly after the Events of Sonic Generations. After Sonic's birthday Party Sonic and Friends decide to Go to Soleanna once again since Dr.Eggman is Stuck in the Strange white place.​ Soon they Discover that Mephiles has been Revived for an unknown Reason and is On and About causing trouble in Soleanna. After the Gang make it to New City. they find out About the problem And Team Up to Save Soleanna from trouble. Soon after They save the World from distruction. Sonic ends up in A Love Triangle with Amy and Elise. but when Elise spots Amy and Sonic Hanging out. Sonic asks if Elise is alright. and Elise left with anger And Sonic asks:Was it Something I Said?


The Stages are:

Sandy Beach

Speedy Highway

Adventurous Carnival

Crystal Canyon

Snowy Cliff

Volcanic Factory

Crazy Space

Aquatic Tube

Power Jungle

Eggman's Base

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