Super Mario World DS is a game for the Nintendo DS. It is a remake of Super Mario World for the SNES. Fortunately, Nintendo didn't change the graphics for the crossover from SNES to DS, much to the delight of old-school gamers.



This mode plays like the original SMW, with all of the levels, cutscenes, and colors unchanged.


In this mode, you can play as Mario, Luigi, Wario, or, if you have unlocked him by completing Story Mode, Waluigi. Each character has their own traits.

Mario - A well-rounded character with good speed and jumping capabilities.

Luigi - Luigi has better speed and jumping than Mario, but he can't spin.

Wario - Wario has bad speed and jumping, but you can throw a powerful punch with B.

Waluigi - Waluigi is fast and jumps high, but it will take two hits to defeat many enemies.


In this mode, you can create and save up to 130 levels using materials from SMW. Mario starts at a set point, but you control if he starts high, on the ground, or if he goes down a pipe at the beginning.


A single large repeating level where you can have one to four players, each with a DS. You do not need multiple game cards.


In this mode, select if you want both players to be in a level at the same time or to take turns. Two DS systems required to play.


Move left: <--

Move right: -->

Look up (does nothing): ^

Duck: v

Jump: A

Spin/punch (for Wario): B

Pause: X

Options: Y

The Pause Menu

Continue: Continue the game from where you pressed X

Quit: Go back to the main menu without saving

Help: View the controls and other important things


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