Pompon Panic is the second episode of Super Mario Land.


Luigi is poisoned by a Pompon and Mario and the Princess must find the only person with the cure.


PIXELATE IN - Show Sarasaland map with centered caption "POMPON PANIC" in white letters.

PIXELATE OUT, to black.

PIXELATE IN - Show MARIO, LUIGI and PRINCESS TOADSTOOL walking up a hill, seen from front view.

PRINCESS: This hill has so many flowers that it's called Sarasaland Hill.


MARIO: This is a lot of flowers.

PRINCESS: The villagers come here all the time.

LUIGI: What's this thing?

LUIGI walks over to a small purple flower.

PRINCESS: Be careful, Luigi, that's a Pompon.

LUIGI: A what?

Suddenly, a purple cloud shaped like a ball shoots out of the Pompon's mouth and hits LUIGI.

LUIGI: Yow! (half-closes eyes) I think I'll go to sleep awhile...

LUIGI collapses.

MARIO: Uh-oh! Is Luigi OK?

PRINCESS: I'm afraid not. Pompons are really dangerous plants. If one poisons you... I don't want to think about it.

MARIO: This is terrible! We've gotta get Luigi to the village!

PRINCESS: No, that won't work.

MARIO: (gulps) Why not?

PRINCESS: Because there's no cure for Pompon poison!

MARIO: There's gotta be something! We'll go to the village! Maybe they can see what's wrong with Luigi!

MARIO and PRINCESS TOADSTOOL dash away, carrying LUIGI.

PIXELATE OUT, to black.

PIXELATE IN - MARIO is looking around when an old lady comes walking up to him.

OLD LADY: Hello, there, chap. Are you by any chance looking for medical aid? Say, a cure for Pompon poison?

MARIO: How did you know?

OLD LADY: Old people aren't just decorative, you know. We know things. Especially the ladies.

MARIO: But there's no cure... is there?

OLD LADY: You're in luck! I just happen to know someone that has a cure for your brother's ailment.

MARIO: Then take me to him!

OLD LADY: I can't

MARIO: Why not?

OLD LADY: I may know things, but I'm still just an old woman. My friend lives far away.

MARIO: How far?

OLD LADY: In the Daisy Chain.

MARIO: The Sarasaland mountain range? We'll never make it!

OLD LADY: I just happen to have something that will aid you on your journey.

She presses a red button on a remote she is holding and the wall opens up, revealing a plane.


OLD LADY: I have no use for it. You might as well take it.

MARIO: Great! Hey, Princess!


PRINCESS: What is it?

MARIO: This is it!

PRINCESS TOADSTOOL looks at the yellow biplane.


OLD LADY: It's called the Sky Pop.

MARIO: You're the answer to all of our problems! Thanks!

OLD LADY: Any time!

PIXELATE OUT, to black.

PIXELATE IN - MARIO is driving the Sky Pop, with the PRINCESS and LUIGI in the back of the cockpit.

PRINCESS: We'd better hurry! If the poison isn't cured in six hours, it never will be!

MARIO: I'll step on it then!

The plane accelerates off screen.

Switch to front view of plane.

MARIO: The old woman said to go over to that mountain.

Suddenly, a shadow covers the plane.

MARIO: Uh-oh!

A Chikako appears overhead.

CHIKAKO: You dare invade my turf?! Prepare for annhialation!

The warbird dives at them.

MARIO swerves the Sky Pop.

CHIKAKO: I'll get you next time!

The plane heads torward a small mountain.

PIXELATE OUT, to white.

PIXELATE IN - The Sky Pop is heading ever nearer to the small mountain, but the plane is being chased by Batadons.

PRINCESS: Those Batadons are ruthless! They won't let up for a second!

MARIO: I wonder what this does... (looks at red buttons on steering mechanism endings, near his thumbs, for a moment) Cool! (looks behind him at the PRINCESS and an unconcious LUIGI) Don't worry, Princess! I'll fix 'em!

MARIO swerves the plane into its surprised pursuers, does a loop, rights the plane, and fires the wing-mounted missile launchers. The missiles explode in the middle of the pack of Batadons, which fly off in different directions.

MARIO: Good, aren't I?

PRINCESS: Luigi's getting worse. Hurry, Mario!

MARIO lands the plane near a hut.

PRINCESS: Only five minutes left!

MARIO hurriedly knocks on the door. And old man (with flower petals around his head of course) with a white beard answers.

OLD MAN: Hello?

MARIO: No time to be polite! This guy's been poisoned by a Pompon!

OLD MAN: That's terrible! Hurry, I have the antidote inside.

They rush inside, where the OLD MAN grabs a green vial and pours the contents into LUIGI's mouth. LUIGI opens his eyes.

LUIGI: Where am I?

MARIO: You were poisoned by a dangerous flower, but this man here helped you.

LUIGI: That's the last time I look closely at something.

PIXELATE OUT, to black.

PIXELATE IN - MARIO, LUIGI, and the PRINCESS are eating dinner.

LUIGI: This salad is delicious! What's it made of?

PRINCESS: It's made from flower heads. The leaves are the petals.

LUIGI faints.

PIXELATE OUT, to black.

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