The Fly was the pilot episode of Super Mario Land.


Sarasaland is attacked by Flies.


Show Sarasaland map with caption on screen reading "THE FLY" in white letters, then PIXELATE until white.

PIXELATE image of MARIO, LUIGI, and PRINCESS TOADSTOOL seen strolling in a flower field.

MARIO (VOICE ONLY): Plumber's Log, number 321. Me, my brother, and the princess have finally gotten away from King Koopa and are vacationing in Sarasaland.

LUIGI: It's not bad.

PRINCESS: Sarasaland is dedicated to flowers. Especially the rare Orange Daisy plant.

MARIO: It sure is different from Mushroom Kingdom.

PRINCESS: Got that right. It's mushrooms over there, and flowers over here.

LUIGI: Hey, Mario. I heard that there was some trouble in this kingdom.

MARIO: Trouble??

PRINCESS: Relax, guys. It's that alien creep, Tatanga. He's not too much of a problem.

Suddenly, a kid that has flower petals around his head comes running past. MARIO grabs him by the back petal.

MARIO: Whoa, there, kid! What's the matter?

KID: It's horrible! There are these monstrous Flies! They're eating everything!

MARIO: Uh-oh! That's a real problem! (Gets in muscle-flexing stance) This looks like a job for Super Mario!

LUIGI: (Gets in muscle-flexing stance as well) And Super Luigi!

PRINCESS: You two go ahead. I'll go make sure no one's hurt.

MARIO: Got any power-ups handy?

PRINCESS: I'm afraid not! I didn't think we'd need any!

LUIGI: Look! A block!

LUIGI hits the block, and a flower pops out.

LUIGI: This isn't a Fire Flower! But it'll have to do.

LUIGI grips the flower and transforms into Super Luigi. His hat and shirt become light grey and his overalls green.

PRINCESS: Mario! Luigi found a Super Flower! See if you can find one too!

MARIO hits another block and gets a Super Flower. His hat and shirt are light grey and his overalls are red.

MARIO: Alright! Let's kick some Fly!

PIXELATE until white.

PIXELATE image of MARIO and LUIGI throwing Superballs at Flies in the village.

SONG: Kick Some Fly

Kick some Fly!

Kick some Fly!

C'mon, it's time

To kick some Fly!

Those Flies are ruining Sarasaland.

Those poor villagers need a hand.

There's only one way to make 'em say goodbye.

It's tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime... to kick some Fly!

Song ends with MARIO blasting a Fly with a Superball.

LUIGI: Good shot, Mario!

MARIO: No time for congratulations, Luigi. We gotta fly!

LUIGI: I see it too, Mario! What'll we do???

A giant Fly comes up over a hill, eating flowers and the dirt around them as it goes.

MARIO: How will we beat that thing?

Villagers start screaming and running everywhere. PRINCESS TOADSTOOL comes running up to the Mario Bros.

PRINCESS: Mario! Luigi! I know how to beat the giant Fly, but you're not gonna like it.

MARIO: What is it?

PRINCESS: You have to go inside the Fly's stomach and give it some serious indigestion!

LUIGI (covers eyes): You're right, I don't like it.

MARIO: Relax, Luigi. The Super Mario Brothers always get the job done!

LUIGI: There's a first time for everything!

MARIO: Quite the optimist, hmm? C'mon, Luigi. We have a job to do.

LUIGI: OK, but let's go quickly before I get too nervous.

The Marios jump into the Fly's mouth. Acic compounds touch them and they lose their powers.

LUIGI: We're doomed.

MARIO: Come on!

They slide down the esophagus and land in the stomach, which is full of dirt.

LUIGI: This isn't a stomach, it's a terrarium!

MARIO: OK, let's get this over with.

They bash the sides of the stomach. Switch to view outside. The Fly starts thrashing around.

PRINCESS: It's working!

The Fly gives one final roar and collapses. The Marios crawl out the mouth.

PRINCESS: You did it!

LUIGI (grins cockily): I always knew we'd make it.

MARIO (face camera): Well, at least he's more optimistic now!

FADE IN text "THE END" in white.

PIXELATE until black.

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