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Master Hand

Master hand

the Master Hand is the Main Antagonist of the first Season,he hides in the Nether and recruited 1 Villain from the Mario,the Sonic and the Minecraft Universe.

Master Hands Minsions

I m mephiles mephiles the dark by itshelias94-d4smwox

Fawful,Mephiles the Darl and Herobrine are Villains from the 3 Universes they reccuring by Master Hand in the first Episode and are with Master Hand the Main Antagonists of the First Season.

They want reveng for being defeated by the Heores of the same Universe and every 3 from the Heores of the other 2 Universes one time,Fawful by Sonic alone at the attack of the Mushroom Castle,Herobrine by Mario Sonic at the try to kill Steve and Luigi Mephiles by all 3.



Wart is the main Antagonist of Season 2.

after the Portal turnts the triple Fusion Planet into a jungle like Fusion of Subcon and the Terraria World,Wart and his Army comes from the Dream LLands to the real World and tries to take over the World and to take revenge of Mario.

Skull Kid

Skull kid

Skull Kid is a major Character in Season 3.

He is the Marrionette of Majora an tries to let the Moon crush on Termina and Mario,Sonic,Steve,E.Gadd and young Link tries to stop him in the 3 day rythm before the Moon crush on Termina.


Majora's Mask (boss)

Majora is the firat one of the 3 main Characters in Season 3.

after the Skull Kid sotles the Mask from the salesman,majora takes the Control over Skull Kid,later Ganondorf defeats Skull Kid but the Mask is flying over the defeated Skull Kid and it starts to grow tentacles out of the Mask, Majora escape and fly without the defeated Skull Kid away.



Dr. Facilier is the Second of the 3 main Villains in Season 3.

a mysterious Man where his Shadow do that what he Likes and he has Friends on the other side.


Ganondorf (Hyrule Warriors)

Ganondorf is the third from the 3 main Villains in Season 3.

He died before young Link's Adventure in Majora's Mask but Dr.Facilier's Friends on the other Side revive himand now he tries to take over Termina first before he take over Hyrule later.

Purple Guy/Springtrap

Purple guy

Purple Guy is the Main Villain from the FNAF Gang and appeared in Season 3.

He appeares like the FNAF Gang and the Puppet in the attraction Fazbear's Fright,where he tries to use the Puppet as Decoy to burn the Fazbear's Fright with the Animatronics,Mario, Sonic and Steve but he is the only one who get trapped in.

His Skin tottaly burns but he survived,he put the Springbonnie Suit on and the Springlock pierced into his Body and he turns into Springtrap,now the Animatronics are hunting him until he is dead.

Baby's Gang

Funtime freddy
Funtime foxy



The Puppet the One who gives lives to the Animatronics after Purple Guy killed the 4 Children,he appreared in the Fazbear's Fright in Season 3.

After young Link,Steve,Mario and Sonic went into the Fazbear's Fright and escapes Freddy,Foxy,Chica,Bonnie and Purple Guy,they find a secret room where the puppet hides,it was a Trap of Purple Guy to Kill all of them,but the Plan was failed and he trapped also in the room that start to burn.

Freddy destroys one wall and the 4 Animatronics can escape young link cuts the Puppet in 2 parts with his sword and defeated the buppet,the 4 heroes can escape either.

after the Fazbear's Fright totally burns out,freddy catches the Mask of puppet they fly around,he look at the Mask and throws angry the Mask in the remains of the Fazbear's Fright.

young Link founds the Mask and put them to the oher Mask.

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