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the main Heroes

Sonic the hedgehog
Minecraft-steve 12

the 3 Main Heroes of the Series and of their Games,Mario,Sonic and Steve.

After the Master Hand fused the 3 Planets of the Heroes,the 3 Heores meeting each other and try to save the new Planet and beat the Master Hand and his Minions.

Juan Aguacate

Juan aguacate

Megaman & Pacman


Terraria guy

Terraria guy-0



young Link

Young link-0




Freddy fazbear
Foxy the pirate fox
Bonnie the bunny
Chica the chicken
Transparent golden freddy decal by punchox3-d84pzyg

The Portal bings also the Fnaf Crew,the aomplete Attracion Fazbear's Fright and the Nemesis of the Animatronics Purple Guy to the World.

after Purple Guy's Transformation to Springtrap and his escape,the Animatronics hunting Springtrap and will fight anyone who stands in there way,they also fighting against the main Heores multiple times and everytime it and in a Draw.

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