Challenge Mode is a mode in SMASH BROS: EVERYONE!!!. Is it the successor to Event Matches in other games. The player(s) will receive a different rank for each challenge depending on how fast or good they do it. These can be S (platinum), A (gold), B (silver), C (bronze), D (iron) or E (metal). Up to 2 players can play these.

1P Challenges

# Name Blurb Players Objective Stage(s) Music Ranks Unlocks
1 Green Team Sweeps Clean Luigi (P1)
Mario, Yoshi (♥)
Bowser (CP)
The player plays as Luigi, and has Yoshi and Mario as allies, and Bowser as an opponent. Everybody has 1 life. Mario is set to level 5, whilst Yoshi and Bowser are set to level 2. The catch here is, if Mario KOs Bowser or Bowser SDs, the challenge will end in a failure. Either the player or Yoshi must get the KO on Bowser to succeed. Beat Block Galaxy Beat Block Galaxy
  • S: 00:15.00
  • A: 00:30.00
  • B: 00:40.00
  • C: 00:50.00
  • D: 01:00.00
2 Battle of the Stars Kirby (P1)
Yellow Kirby (CP)
The player plays as Kirby, and must face a Yellow Kirby at level 3. You both have 150 HP and both have Star Rods. You have to take out Yellow Kirby in a minute, and the mission will fail if you drop your rod too. Yellow Kirby will never charge up his Star Rod, and will only use it when you are close to him. Fountain of Dreams King Dedede's Theme
  • S: 150 HP
  • A: 120 HP
  • B: 90 HP
  • C: 60 HP
  • D: 30 HP
3 Need For Privacy "The Squid Sisters just want some rest after a long concert, but some rather forceful fans won't have any of that!" Squid Sisters (P1)
Inkling Team [×30] (CP)
The player plays as the Squid Sisters and have to take down 30 Inkling opponents. The first ones are really simple to beat, but they progressively get sneakier and harder to KO. The challenge is failed if the Squid Sisters are KO'd before all the Inklings have been defeated. Inkopolis Ink Me Up
  • S: 01:00.00
  • A: 01:20.00
  • B: 01:40.00
  • C: 02:00.00
  • D: 02:30.00
Calamari Inkantation Ver. 2 (Song)
4 Rat Rampage "Pikachu has gone crazy! Use Pokémon to take him out!" Ice Climbers (P1)
Pikachu (CP)
The player has 1 life and starts with 100%, whilst the Pikachu, who is at level 3, has 150 HP. The player can get KO'd almost immediately if Pikachu attacks them. The only way for the player to attack Pikachu, however, is by using Poké balls, which are the only items that will appear. Pokémon Stadium 3 Battle Theme N/A
5 Sandbag's Revenge "It is time for Sandbag to get back at the meanies who have been abusing him all these years!" Sandbag (P1)
Mario [x2] (CP)
The player has 2 lives, both Marios have 1 life, are level 1 and start with 300%. The Marios will play more defensively. Sandbag must grab a Home-Run Bat, which is the only item which will appear, to KO the Marios. The challenge will end in a failure if the player KOs a Mario in a way besides using the Home-Run Bat. Battlefield Home Run Contest (Melee) Home Run Contest (Melee) (Song)
6 Jigglypuff Fever Jigglypuff (P1)
Jigglypuff [x3] (CP)
The player is pit against 3 Jigglypuff Dittos. Nobody can damage anybody else. The objective is, three spotlights will appear. The player must run up to a spotlight and taunt before the others can. The poor Jigglypuff who doesn't get in a spotlight will be kicked out the map. The process will go again, with two spotlights, and then one more time with one spotlight. Final Destination Dream a Dream N/A
7 Intruder Alert Fox (P1)
Falco (♥)
Giant Donkey Kong (CP)
The player has 2 lives, whilst Falco and Giant Donkey Kong have 1 life each. The player must take Giant Donkey Kong out before the stage reaches the end of the tunnel. The mission will fail if either StarFox characters die as well, so it is best not to leave the work to Falco. Venom Venom N/A
8 Bunny Imposters Hoshi (P1)
Yoshi, Ice Climbers, King Dedede (CP)
The player has 2 lives, whilst the CPUs all have 1 life each, and all have Bunny Hoods. The player only has 2 minutes to take them all out, however. No items appear, and the CPUs can damage each other, although they will not try to attack each other. Yoshi's Story A Fifth of Beethoven Yoshi's Island (Melee) (Song)
9 Boom Sonic, Boom! Boom Sonic (P1)
Link, Meta Knight, Werten, Mega Man, Captain Falcon (CP)
The player must face Link, then Meta Knight on Great Bay, then Werten, then Mega Man on Hide and Seek, and finally, Captain Falcon on Mute City. The player has 3 lives. Link, Meta Knight and Werten are at level 4, Mega Man is set to level 5 and Captain Falcon is set to level 6. No recovery items appear either. Great Bay
Hide and Seek
Mute City
Great Bay (Melee)
Online Social Hangout
Mute City (Melee)
10 Alas, Poor Witches "In an alternate universe where Macbeth was good all along, he had to drive the witches out of his castle so they could be hung... was that a knocking at the gate?" Macbeth (P1)
Zelda x3 (CP)
The goal is to get all three Zeldas out of the castle before they enter. If at least one of them is still in the castle by the end, fail. Castle Inverness Brush up your Shakespeare Bottom's Head (Mii Headgear)
11 Swamp Savage "A bunch of invaders are trying to get into Shrek's swamp! Guard it until they give up!" Shrek (P1)
Tiny Pikachu, Tiny Donkey Kong (CP)
Pikachu and Donkey Kong have unlimited lives, whilst Shrek only has 1. Although the computer players will not attack the player too often, and will instead try to get into the swamp. If either one gets in the swamp within 2 minutes, the challenge will end in a failure. Shrek's House I'm a Believer
  • S: 0%
  • A: 25%
  • B: 50%
  • C: 75%
  • D: 100%
12 King Of the Monsters "Godzilla the king of the monsters is challenged by three fearsome foes. Beat them all and to have the title!" Godzilla (P1)
Solomon, Venomoth and Bowser (CP)
The player is Godzilla. The challenge is to beat aal foes to see who's the real King of the Monsters. If you die the match will end in failure. Beat Block Galaxy Beat Block Galaxy
  • S: 00:15.00
  • A: 00:30.00
  • B: 00:40.00
  • C: 00:50.00
  • D: 01:00.00
13 Brawl for Dream Island "Leafy competes against 4 foes to get Dream Island! Help her win despite budget cuts!" Leafy (P1)
Mario (CP), Inkling (CP), Wario (CP), Potato (CP)
As Leafy, the player must smash the four opponents as fast as possible. Each of the opponents refers to a BFDI contestant (Mario for Firey (due to fire), Leafy, Inkling for Bubble (due to its ink / water powers), Wario for Flower (they're both jerks) and Rocky for Potato (they are usually idle).) Mario appears after one of the other opponents is knocked out. Yoyle Needy TBA?
  • S: 00:20.00
  • A: 00:40.00
  • B: 01:00.00
  • C: 01:20.00
  • D: 01:40.00
  • E: 02:00.00

2P Challenges

The two players cannot damage each other in any of these challenges.

# Name Blurb Players Objective Stage(s) Music Ranks Unlocks
1 Team of Evil "Wario and Bowser join forces to take over the Mushroom Kingdom!" Wario (P1)
Giant Bowser (P2)
Mario, Peach, Police Guy (CP)
The players must face off against Mario, Peach and Police Guy. Wario and Bowser have 2 lives each, whilst the computer players all have 1 life each. Both players must survive for the challenge to end in a success. The computer players cannot damage each other. All computer players are set to level 3. Peach's Castle 64 Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) N/A
2 Poké Pals Pikachu (P1)
Pichu (P2)
Sonic, Boom Sonic, Kirby, Yellow Kirby, Fox, Melee Fox (CP)
The players have to face off against a team of Sonic and Boom Sonic, a team of Kirby and Yellow Kirby, and a team of Fox and Melee Fox. Whichever team earns 500 coins first wins! Everybody has unlimited lives, but falling will cause any player to lose 90% of their coins, so beware! All computer players are set to level 2. Fourside Battle Theme (Melee) N/A
3 Microgame Mayhem Kine (P1)
Yoshi (P2)
Wario, King Dedede (CP)
The two players and two computer players are in a team, where whoever wins the most microgames after 5 rounds is the winner. If both players of a team win, they get 2 points. Wario is set to level 4 and King Dedede is set to level 3. The players have to score more or the same amount of points as Wario and King Dedede's team, otherwise, the mission will end in a failure. WarioWare Inc. 2.0 Stonecarving City Stonecarving City (Song)
4 Mewtwo Strikes Back Pikachu (P1)
Gengar (P2)
Ganondorf, Giant Mewtwo (CP)
The players start the fight against Ganondorf, who is set to level 3. If the players do not defeat Ganondorf in a minute, Giant Mewtwo will appear, who is level 5, and will KO the players easily. Only one player has to survive to complete the challenge. Final Destination Poké Floats (Melee) N/A
5 Moths on Venom Fox (P1)
Falco (P2)
Tiny Venomoth (CP)
The players must fight an horde of tiny Venomoth, which are all set to level 1. There is a total of 20 of them, but only 6 can appear at once. Both players must be alive to win the challenge. Venom Venom

Venonat Hat

(Mii Headgear)