This is the SMASH BROS: EVERYONE!!! 1P Classic Mode.


Round 1

On Round 1, you will fight a single oppoment. This oppoment can be anybody except Police Guy, Werten, Shadow or Sandbag.

Round 2

On Round 2, you will fight two oppoments. You will be given an ally for the fight.

Round 3

On Round 3, you will fight a single oppoment.

Break the Targets

The first bonus stage. You have to smash 10 targets without letting the timer run out or falling off the cliff. If you fail, you will not lose a life, but will move onto the next round.

Round 4

On Round 4, you will fight a team of a certain character, who will be KO'd in one decent hit.

Round 5

On Round 5, you will fight a single oppoment. This time, however, they will act more defensive.

Round 6

On Round 6, you will foght a giant oppoment. You will be given 2 allies.

Home Run Contest

The second bonus stage. You get 15 seconds to try and hit the Sandbag as far as you can

Round 7

On Round 7, you will fight a single oppoment. This time, however, they will act more defensive.

Round 8

On Round 8, you will fight another two oppoments with help from an ally.

Round 9

On Round 9, you will fight a single oppoment. They will be slightly stronger this time around.

Race to the Finish

The third bonus stage. You are given 40-60 seconds, and you get the chance to try and run to a goal. Further goals give you more coins.

Round 10

On Round 10, you will fight a metal chatacter, which can be any character except Police Guy, Sandbag or Werten. This round will always take place on Crystal Palace.

Round 11

On Round 11, you will fight a team of Mii Fighters. They will get KO'd in one decent hit. This stage always takes place on Battlefield.

Round 12

On Round 12, the final round, you will fight Master Hand. Crazy Hand will also appear if the player is playing on Normal or higher and has not used a continue. This round will always take place on Final Destination.

Difficulty setting

  • Newbie
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Intense

The player can also pick how many lives they want, which can be from 1 to 5.

Master Hand (And/or Crazy Hand)


Continues / Game Overs

If the player runs out of lives during the game, the Continue screen will appear. The character's trophy will be knocked over in a dark room. The player will have three options:

  • Continue using Pass; The player will continue using a Continue Pass.
  • Continue using Coins; The player will continue paying coins.
  • Quit; The player will end the game.

It costs 10 coins to continue in Newbie, 20 coins on Easy, 30 coins on Normal, 40 coins on Hard and 50 coins on Intense, should the player continue paying coins.

If the player decides to continue, the trophy will stand back up and fly back up to the top of the screen. If the player eventually beats the mode, they will have a "Used a Continue" bonus, which is worth -10,000 points for every continue.

If the player chooses to Quit, or there are not enough coins and the player doesn't have a Continue Pass, the player will be brought to the Game Over screen. The trophy will fade into the background and the player will return to title screen.


  • For unknown reasons, Police Guy and Werten will never appear as oppoments. Shadow will only appear as a Giant, Metal or Multi-Man oppoment. Sandbag will never appear at all.
  • Pichu will sometimes appear on Hide and Seek, even though the stage is not from his universe.

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