SMASH BROS: EVERYONE!!!, more commonly known as Fantendo Can't F***ing Control Themselves, is a Super Smash Bros. game in which YOU can add what you want, like characters, stages, game modes, and even extras. It was later followed by Mario Kart: Fantendo Fever.



Image Series Name Moveset Notes
SSB Mario Series

Neutral B: Fireball

Side B: Cape Feather

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: F.L.U.D.D

Final Smash: Mario Finale

Distortion Mario
SSB Mario Series

Neutral B: Distortion Ball

Side B: Distortion Hammer

Up B: Distortion Jump

Down B: Distortion Mushroom


4057 paper-mario-prev
SSB Mario Series
Paper Mario

Nutral B: Sticker

Side B: Koops Shell

Up B: Paper Airplain

Down B: Hammer

Final Smash: Paper-Craft Mario

SSB Mario Series

Neutral B: WAA

Side B: Eggplant Bomb

Up B: Air Crawl

Down B: Gamma Tornado

Final Smash: Tennis Ball WAApocalypse

Waluigi is definitely OP
Peach - Mario Party 10
SSB Mario Series

Neutral B: Toad

Side B: Peach Bomber

Up B: Peach Parasol

Down B: Vegetable

Final Smash: Altering Emotions

SSB Mario Series
Builder Rosalina

Neutral B: Hammer and Fireballs

Side B: Blocks (Blocks are randomly chosen)

Up B: Cape

Down B: Pipe

Final Smash: Rocket

SBE Geno
SSB Mario Series

Neutral B: Geno Beam

Side B: Geno Whirl

Up B: Geno Boost

Down B: Geno Blast

Final Smash: Geno Flash

Blue paratroopa by yoshigo99-d4s8ocf
SSB Mario Series
Blue Paratroopa

Neutral B: Shell

Side B: Strike (Smash Run attack)

Up B: Flying Fortress

Down B: Hammer Throw

Final Smash: Koopa Army Summon

Bowser U
SSB Mario Series

Neutral B: Fire Breath

Side B: Flying Slam

Up B: Whirling Fortress

Down B: Whirling Fortress

Final Smash: Giga Bowser

KTD Kirby artwork-1-
SSB Kirby Series

Neutral B: Inhale

Side B: Hammer

Up B: Cutter

Down B: Stone

Final Smash: Hypernova

Kine Anime
SSB Kirby Series

Neutral B: Burning Fireball

Side B: Cutter

Up B: Parasol

Down B: Stone

Final Smash: Burning Finale

Kirby Coo
SSB Kirby Series

Neutral B: Clean

Side B: Feather Strike

Up B: Parasol Spin

Down B: Spark Ball

Final Smash: Helping Hands

KTD King Dedede
SSB Kirby Series
King Dedede

Neutral B: Inhale

Side B: Gordo Throw

Up B: Super Dedede Jump

Down B: Jet Hammer

Final Smash: Masked Dedede

SSB Kirby Series
Extreme Anime Dedede

Neutral B: Kick That Kirby To The Curb

Side B: He Don't Scare Me None

Up B: Barbecue Flavored Tater Chips

Down B: Surely You Jestin'

Final Smash: I Need a Monster to Clobber That There Kirby

Donkey Kong (WGC)
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Bonkey Bong

Neutral B: Charge Punch

Side B: Barrel Throw

Up B: Kong Spin

Down B: Hand Slap

Final Smash: Rambi

336px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
SSB Donkey Kong Series
Biddy Bong

Neutral B: Peanut Popgun

Side B: Monkey Flip

Up B: Rocketbarrel Boost

Down B: Banana Peel

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage

SSB Donkey Kong Series
King K Rool

Neutral B: Krown Throw

Side B: Kanonball

Up B: Helekopter Pack

Down B: Kremlin Slam

Final Smash: Kredits

583px-HW Link - Era of Twilight Tunic-1-
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Neutral B: Hero's Bow

Side B: Gale Boomerang

Up B: Spin Attack

Down B: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Neutral B: Nayru's Love

Side B: Din's Fire

Up B: Farore's Wind

Down B: Phantom Slash

Final Smash: Light Arrow

HW Sheik Harp
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Neutral B: Needle Storm

Side B: Burst Grenade

Up B: Vanish

Down B: Bouncing Fish

Final Smash: Boleo of Fire

TPHD Ganondorf Artwork
SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Neutral B: Dead Man's Volley

Side B: Flame Choke

Up B: Phantasm Rush

Down B: Prism of Power

Final Smash: Beast Ganon

This one - Samus
SSB Metroid Series

Neutral B: Charge Shot

Side B: Missile

Up B: Screw Attack

Down B: Bomb

Final Smash: Zero Laser

SSB Yoshi Series

Neutral B: Egg Lay

Side B: Egg Roll

Up B: Egg Toss

Down B: Ground Pound

Final Smash: Commits Tax Fraud

SSB Yoshi Series

Neutral B: Neck Slam

Side B: Charge

Up B: Flutter(?)

Down B: Egg Lay

Final Smash: Don't Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again

Fox McCloud, Star Fox Command1
SSB Star Fox Series
Fox McCloud

Neutral B: Blaster

Side B: Fox Illusion

Up B: Fire Fox

Down B: Reflector

Final Smash: Land Master

SSB Star Fox Series

Neutral B: Blaster

Side B: Falco Illusion

Up B: Fire Bird

Down B: Reflector

Final Smash: Land Master

Falco's Blasters are slower than Fox's but have knockback.
SSB Star Fox Classic
Melee Fox

Neutral B: Blaster

Side B: Fox Illusion

Up B: Fire Fox

Down B: The Shine

Final Smash: WOMBO COMBO

Melee Fox plays best when the items are turned off and the stage is set on Final Destination
PTWC Pikachu
SSB Pokémon Series

Neutral B: Thunder Jolt

Side B: Skull Bash

Up B: Quick Attack

Down B: Thunder

Final Smash: Volt Tackle

SSB Pokémon Series

Neutral B: Shadow Ball

Side B: Hypnosis

Up B: Payback

Down B: Curse

Final Smash: Nightmare

SBE Mewtwo
SSB Pokémon Series

Neutral B: Shadow Ball

Side B: Confusion

Up B: Teleport

Down B: Disable

Final Smash: Psystrike

SSB Pokémon Series
Ash Neutral B: Ice Beam

Side B: Flame Wheel

Up: B Aqua Jet

Down B: Thunderbolt

Final Smash: Mega Evolution

Ash In This Game Has Been Granted Powers Of His Pokémon, So He Can Fight.
Emboar request photo
SSB Pokémon Series
Emboar Neutral B: Flamethrower

Side B: Focus Blast

Up B: Solarbeam

Down B: Earthquake

Final Smash: Inferno Overdrive

SSB F-Zero Series
Captain Falcon

Neutral B: Falcon Punch

Side B: Raptor Boost

Up B: Falcon Dive

Down B: Falcon Kick

Final Smash: Blue Falcon

Ness smash wii u
SSB EarthBound Series

Neutral B: PK Flash

Side B: PK Fire

Up B: PK Thunder

Down B: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Lucas SSB4
SSB EarthBound Series

Neutral B: PK/PSI Freeze

Side B: PK/PSI Fire

Up B: Longer PK/PSI Thunder

Down B: PK/PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK/PSI Star Storm

Ice Climbers SSBE
SSB Ice Climber Series
Ice Climbers

Neutral B: Ice Shot

Side B: Squall Hammer

Up B: Belay

Down B: Blizzard

Final Smash: Iceberg

SSB Fire Emblem Series

Neutral B: Shield Breaker

Side B: Dancing Blade

Up B: Dolphin Slash

Down B: Counter

Final Smash: Critical Hit

SSB Pikmin Series

Neutral B: Pikmin Pluck

Side B: Pikmin Throw

Up B: Winged Pikmin

Down B: Pikmin Order

Final Smash: End of Day

SSB Kid Icarus Series

Neutral B: Palutena's Bow

Side B: Upperdash Arm

Up B: Power of Flight

Down B: Guardian Orbitars

Final Smash: Great Sacred Treasure

Palutena Uprising
SSB Kid Icarus Series
Palutena Neutral B: Staff of Light

Side B: Grind Rail

Up B: Rocket Jump

Down B: Reflect

Final Smash: Black Hole

SSBE Wario
SSB Wario Series

Neutral B: Chomp

Side B: Wario Bike

Up B: Wario Waft

Down B: Dash Attack

Final Smash: Wario-Man


Neutral B: Splattershot

Side B: Roller Splat

Up B: Super Squid Jump

Down B: Slosher

Final Smash: Kraken

Default is female, male Inkling is an alt costume.
Squid Sisters

Neutral B: Roller-Charger Combo

Side B: Ink Bombs

Up B: Super Squid Jump

Down B: Bubbler Reflector

Final Smash: Calamari Concert

The Squid Sisters have Smash Taunts. If the player manages to press the Taunt button for a split second, Callie and Marie will have a random dialogue about the current stage.
SSBE Purplelina Icon

Neutral B: PURPLE Staff of Light

Side B: PURPLE Grind Rail

Up B: PURPLE Rocket Jump

Down B: PURPLE Reflect

Final Smash: Paint the town PURPLE

Purplina is mai waifu
SBE Busby
SSB Bubsy Series

Neutral B: Pounce

Side B: Neft® Ballzooka™

Up B: Shirt Gliding

Down B: Smart Bomb

Final Smash: Bi-Plane Bomb-Purr-dment

Bubsy's Up Taunt provides a different cat pun every single time.
Mega Man

Neutral B: Metal Blade

Side B: Crash Bomber

Up B: Rush Coil

Down B: Leaf Shield

Final Smash: Super Adapter

Shovel knight render by mrthatkidalex24-d9al7vt
Shovel Knight

Neutral B: Spade Strike

Side B: Fire Staff

Up B: Infini-Dagger

Down B: War Horn

Final Smash: Catch Her!

SSBE Shinju Katsuyuki
SSBE Shinju Icon
Shinju Sakuano

Neutral B: Lunar Beam

Side B: Sacred Fire

Up B: Rupture

Down B: Leaf Shield

Final Smash: Zephyr Blazer

SSB Kingdom Hearts Series

Neutral B: Combo Finisher 

Side B: Firaga

Up B: Flowmotion

Down B: Reflect

Final Smash: Sora's Final Form

Sora also has his KH2 (Standard oufit), Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. and KH3 Outfits.
SSB Sonic Series

Neutral B: Homing Attack

Side B: Spin Dash

Up B: Spring Jump

Down B: Somersault

Final Smash: Super Sonic

SSB Sonic Series
Boom Sonic

Neutral B: EnerBeam

Side B: Pathetic Spin Dash

Up B: Infinite Knuckles

Down B: Sexy Scarf

Final Smash: Rise of Lyric

Tails Sonic Adventure
SSB Sonic Series

Neutral B: Arm Cannon

Side B: Rhymth Twister

Up B: Tails Whirlwind

Down B: Spindash

Final Smash: Tornado

Tails is in the Top tier due to his Rymth Twister and combos.

Tails also borrows some moves from Luigi like his A combo from Brawl making him a Semi Clone.

SSB Sonic Series
Amy Rose

Neutral B: Piko Piko Smash

Side B: Piko Piki Spin

Up B: Pink Tornado

Down B: Gift

Final Smash: Team Rose- Flower Festival

SSBE Eggman
SSB Sonic Series
Dr. Eggman

Neutral B: Egg Drill

Side B: Egg Mobile

Up B: Egg Jetpack

Down B: Egg Mine

Final Smash: Death Egg Robot PINGAS!

Dr. Eggman is a semi-clone of Both Bowser Jr. & Donkey Kong
Mecha Sonic
SSB Sonic Series
Mecha Sonic

Neutral B: Hand-Gun

Side B: Double Missile Shot

Up B: Jet Boost

Down B: Spin Charge

Final Smash: Semi Super Mecha Sonic

Some Of Mecha Sonic's Moveset Is Based On SMBZ
Steve (WGC)
Minecraft symbol

Neutral B: Bow and Arrow

Side B: Snowball

Up B: Ender Pearl

Down B: TNT

Final Smash: Ender Dragon

SSBE Freddy V2
Freddy Fazbear

Neutral B: Jumpscare

Side B: Microphone

Up B: Static

Down B: Summon Bonnie

Final Smash: Pizza Wheel

Hatty hatt
Hatty Hatington

Neutral B: Guard Cat

Side B: Gem Throw

Up B: Hat Teleport

Down B: Hat Souls

Final Smash: Golden Whale

Shrek transparent

Neutral B: Garlic Burp

Side B: Donkey Ride

Up B: Baby Dragons

Down B: Get Shrekt

Final Smash: GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!!!

Shrek has been confirmed to be overpowered. He is said to have his own tier, fittingly called the "Ogrelord Tier".
Smashified Lilac
Freedom planet smash bros series icon by mrthatkidalex24-d9ujua4

Neutral B: Cyclone

Side B: Dragon Boost

Up B: Uppercut

Down B: Roll

Final Smash: Hologram Dragon.


Neutral B: Blue Punch

Side B: Hair Fan

Up B: Swingman

Down B: Plum Throw

Final Smash: Moskito Ride

SSB Pac-Man Series

Neutral B: Bonus Fruit

Side B: Power Pellet

Up B: Pac-Jump

Down B: Fire Hydrant

Final Smash: Super Pac-Man

SSB Pac-Man Series
Drunk Pacman

Neutral B: Lazy Cherry

Side B: Pac-Sliding

Up B: Slurred Trampoline

Down B: Wak Wak Pak

Final Smash: Wobbly Big Pacman

Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu
Hatsune Miku

Neutral B: Leek Boomerang

Side B: Dive Kick

Up B: Flying Leek

Down B: Po Pi Po Juice

Final Smash: Ieven Pollka

SSB Undertale Symbol
Sans The Skeleton

Neutral B: Gaster Blaster

Side B: Bone Throw

Up B: Teleport

Down B: Counter

Final Smash: Bad Time

Sans's Up Taunt provides a different Skeleton pun every single time.
Offbit Neutral B: Rhythm Hockey

Side B: Spikers

Up B: Pudding Launch

Down B: Barbersheep

Final Smash: Rhythm Bomb


Neutral B: Waluigi Launcher

Side B: Cannon PINGAS

Up B: Wing Cap

Down B: Chain Chomp

Final Smash: Ssenmodnar

Recent updates have been buffing SMG4
Neko Atsume Tubbs

Neutral B: Fart

Side B: Body Slam

Up B: Backflip

Down B: Eat

Final Smash: Eats so much that he covers the screen, possibly crushing opponents.

He takes very little damage from most attacks and must be hit a lot to lose a lot of HP.
Miley Cyrus

Neutral B: Bad Singing

Side B: Hammer Lick

Up B: Twerk Rocket

Down B: Twerk

Final Smash: Wrecking Ball

SBE Joel
SSB Vinesauce Series

Neutral B: Download Boobs

Side B: Bonzi Buddy

Up B: Grand Dad

Down B: Temmie

Final Smash: 'Murica

Donaldtrump Donald Trump

Neutral B: Build a Wall

Side B: Temporary Ban On Attacking Him

Up B: Immigrant Sacrifice

Down B: Ragequit

Final Smash: Nuke Mexico, and You're Fired.

Donald Trump's shield attack's visual is a brick wall.
Revolver Oshawott Pokémon/Metal Gear Revolver Oshawott

Neutral B: Revolver Oshawott

Side B: Revolver Oshawott

Up B: Revolver Oshawott

Down B: Revolver Oshawott

Final Smash: Revolver Oshawott

Revolver Oshawott
Shakespeare Macbeth

Neutral B: Stab in the Night

Side B: Great Birnam Wood

Up B: Banquo's Ghost

Down B: Wash Hands

Final Smash: Toil and Trouble

Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin Henry Stickmin

Neutral B: Gravitor

Side B: Chase Scene

Up B: Teleporter

Down B: Toppat Clan

Final Smash: Charles (hey!)

SSBE Ruby Rose.png
RWBY icon
Ruby Rose

Neutral B: Power Shot

Side B: Recoil Slice

Up B: Semblance Rush

Down B: Scythe March

Final Smash: TBA

SSBE Steven Universe
Steven Universe

Neutral B: Projectile Shield

Side B: Bubble Shield

Up B: Phytokinesis

Down B: Super Strengh

Final Smash: Healing Spit

WyldstyleParabola SSB Lego Wyldstyle

Neutral B: Masterbuild

Side B: Super Cycle

Up B: Flip Jump

Down B: Kragle Trap

Final Smash: Uberswoofer

The LEGO Movie logo (2014)
Emmet Brickowski

Neutral B: Lego Brick Throw

Side B: Stumble and Tumble

Up B: Lego Jet-Pack

Down B: Master Build

Final Smash: The Piece of Resistance

SBE Spiderman
SSBE Spiderman Icon

Neutral B: Web Shot

Side B: Spider Grab

Up: Web Lacht

Down B: Kick

Final Smash: Maximum Spider

SBE Judy Hoops
Zootopia Symbol
Judy Hoops

Neutral B: Tranquilizer Gun

Side B: Fox Taser

Up B: Bunny Jump

Down B: Carrot Throw

Final Smash: TBA

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

Neutral B: Party Ball

Side B: Rolling Crate

Up B: Bumper

Down B: Food

Final Smash: Home Run!

Miiverse Admins
SSB Miiverse Symbol
Miiverse Admins

Neutral B: Report

Side B: Logo Whack


Down B: Temporarily Block (Counter)

Final Smash: Permeant Ban

Leafy 1ish
Battle for Dream Island Leafy

Neutral B: Bowling with Explosions

Side B: Don't Call Her Needy

Up B: Firey's Hang Glider

Down B: Yoylecake

Final Smash: Evil Leafy's Revenge

Blue Monkey
Jungle Party Jungle Party Monkey Neutral B: Buzzer Blast

Side B: Monkey Catapult

Up B: Rocket Riders

Down B: High Voltage Voting

Final Smash: Whackers revenge and Revolvers

Travis touchdown vector by a scream-d80juof
Travis Touchdown

Neutral B: Tsubaki MK III

Side B: Peony

Up B: Tiger Leap

Down B: Recharge

Final Smash: FUCKHEAD!!1!


Image Series Name Moveset Unlocked by Notes
Mii Fighters (SSB)
Mii Fighters

Neutral B: TBA

Side B: TBA


Down B: TBA

Final Smash: Omega Blitz (Brawler)

Final Edge (Swordfighter)

Full Blast (Gunner)

Ultimate Summon (Mage)

Sports Club (Athlete)

Perfect Strike (Archer)

Creating a Mii Fighter. Mii Fighters are customizable characters: players can select a Mii, one of six classes and choose between three original attacks for each special move, which all differ per class.

They can also customize their appearance a bit, by giving them different clothing and a hat.

SSB Pokémon Series

Neutral B: Thunder Jolt

Side B: Skull Bash

Up B: Quick Attack

Down B: Thunder

Final Smash: Thunder Cloud

Completing 1P Classic Mode with any character.

Playing 50 VS Matches.

Pichu is fought on Pokémon Stadium 3 when being unlocked.

Pichu's special attacks do recoil damage.

Meta Knight by DarkOverord
SSB Kirby Series
Meta Knight

Neutral B: Mach Tornado

Side B: Drill Rush

Up B: Shuttle Roof

Down B: Dimensional Cape

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness

Completing 3 Minute Smash, KOing at least 100 oppoments.

Playing 150 VS Matches.

Meta Knight is fought on Another Dimension when being unlocked.
Mr. Game & Watch(Clear)
SSB Game & Watch Series
Mr. Game and Watch

Neutral B: Chef

Side B: Judge

Up B: Parachute

Down B: Bucket

Final Smash: Golden Judge Hammer

Playing and finishing at least 10 tournaments.

Playing 200 VS Matches.

Mr. Game and Watch is fought on Super Flat Zone when being unlocked.

Whilst Mr. Game and Watch was a 2D model in previous games, he is a 3D model in this game.

LM Luigi Flee (1)
SSB Mario Series

Neutral B: Green Fireball

Side B: Green Missile

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: Luigi Cyclone

Final Smash: Poltergust 3000

Getting 10 victories in VS Matches with Mario.

Playing 250 VS Matches.

Luigi is fought on Beat Block Galaxy when being unlocked.
SSBE Frisk
SSB Undertale Symbol

Neutral B: Red SOUL

Side B: Yellow SOUL (Shooting)

Up B: Blue SOUL (Super Jump)

Down B: Green SOUL (Counter)

Final Smash: FIGHT OR ACT!

Defeating at least one Mii Fighter in Cruel Smash as Sans.

Playing 350 VS Matches.

Frisk is fought on Battlefield when being unlocked.
Image not avalible
SSB Undertale Symbol

Neutral B: Mini-Mettaton

Side B: Electric Shock

Up B: Jet-Pack

Down B: Quiz Question

Final Smash: Mettaton EX

Beat Classic Mode as Frisk on hard.

Playing ??? VS Matches

Frisk is fought in Snowdin when being unlocked.
SSBE Jigglypuff
SSB Pokémon Series

Neutral B: Rollout

Side B: Sleep Punch

Up B: Pillow Jump

Down B: Rest

Final Smash: Singalong

Clearing All-Star as Pikachu or Gengar without using a continue.

Playing 400 VS Matches.

Jigglypuff is fought on Poké Floats when being unlocked.
SSB Pokémon Series

Neutral B: Poison Powder

Side B: Silver Wind

Up B: Quiver Dance

Down B: Bug Buzz

Final Smash: Signal Beam

Clearing 100 Man Smash as Gengar.

Playing 450 VS Matches.

Venomoth is fought on Saffron City when being unlocked.
SSB Pokémon Series

Neutral B:

Side B: Mystical Fire

Up B: Psybeam

Down B: Shadow Ball

Final Smash: Shattered Psyche

Koopa Troopa SM3DW
SSB Mario Series
Koopa Troopa

Neutral B: Shell Spin/Headbutt

Side B: Shell Toss/Shell Call

Up B: Para-Wing/Super Jump Kick

Down B: Shell Slam/Bombshell

Final Smash: Giga Blue Shell

Completeing Mario, Luigi and Grand Dad's Target Smash.

Playing 500 VS Matches.

Koopa Troopa is fought on Bowser's Castle when being unlocked.

Koopa Troopa can remove his shell which will replace most of his moves with shell-less variants.


Neutral B: Jumble Sale

Side B: Break Dancing

Up B: Duelling Dumbbells

Down B: Copycat

Final Smash: Special FX

Getting 40 victories in VS Matches as Offbit.

Unlocking 250 songs.

Playing 550 VS Matches.

Tripletto is fought in Quavoro's Kingdom when being unlocked.

Tripletto has a unique mechanic in that he can chain jumps by jumping to the rhythm of the current song.

SSBE Shadow
SSB Sonic Series

Neutral B: Gun

Side B: Shadow Charge

Up B: Chaos Control

Down B: Reload

Final Smash: Chaos Inferno

Playing 1P Classic Mode, making it to the last goal of Race to the Finish and beating the rest of Classic Mode.

Playing 600 VS Matches.

Shadow is fought on Brinstar Depths when being unlocked. Live and Learn will play during the battle.

Shadow's gun has 50 ammo. Reloading takes about 5 seconds. & some of his moves are not based on his own game, Shadow The Hedgehog. This is mainly due to some of his specials are based of the Gameboy game, Sonic Battle.

SSB Yoshi Series
Burt the Bashful

Neutral B: Boing

Side B: Bounceback (similar to Captain Falcon's Up B attack)

Up B: Egg Kick

Down B: Sneeze (similar to Mewtwo's Down B attack)

Final Smash: Wall Bounce

Battling on stages in the Yoshi series 10 times.

Playing 650 VS Matches.

Is fought on Yoshi's Island 64 when being unlocked.
Yellow kirby
SSB Kirby Series

Neutral B: Beam

Side B: Fireball

Up B: Rising Break

Down B: Freeze

Final Smash: Triple Star

Using every starter character in a VS Match.

Playing 700 VS Matches.

Yellow Kirby is fought on Fountain of Dreams when being unlocked.

Yellow Kirby is faster and stronger than Kirby, but is much lighter and has worse recovery.

SSB GiIvaSunner Series

Neutral B: Flintstones Theme

Side B: Club

Up B: Grand Jump Punch

Down B: Push Start To Rich

Final Smash: GiIvaSunner's High Quality Video Game Rips

Getting 7000 points in Target Smash.

Playing 800 VS Matches.

GRAND DAD has a Fortran alt costume.

GRAND DAD is fought on Final Destination when being unlocked.

Mega Weegee
Youtube Weegee

Neutral B: Weegee Death Stare

Side B: Strange Mirror

Up B: Dank Teleport

Down B: Pokeball Explosion

Final Smash: IT W E E G E E

Beat Classic Mode as GRAND DAD.

Senator Scoobs

Neutral B: Nanomachines, Son

Side B: Nanomachines, Son

Up B: Nanomachines, Son

Down B: Nanomachines, Son

Final Smash: 


Not f***ing with THIS senator.

Winning a VS Match against a level 9 CPU without using any range attacks.

Playing 850 VS Matches.

Senator Scoobs is fought on the /V/ stage when being unlocked
SBE Etika (1)

Neutral B: MY DICK (Shouts. Deals 12 damage in a small radius)

Side B: HYPE TRAIN (Gets in the Hype Train and runs over people, Deals 19 damage)

Up B: LETS GO (Shouts quote and jumps up high)

Down B: DADDY SAKURAI (Summons Daddy Sakurai in his car)

Final Smash:


Beating 1P Classic Mode as Mewtwo(Only way to unlock).

Is fought on Final Destination when being unlocked.
Metal Sonic-0
SSB Sonic Series
Metal Sonic

Neutral B: Energy Shot

Side B: Hand Swipe

Up B: Rocket Charge

Down B: Energy Sheild

Final Smash: Metal Maddness

Beating 2P Classic Mode as Sonic and Boom Sonic.

Playing 950 VS Matches.

Is fought on Green Hill Zone when being unlocked

Neutral B: Rhythm Staff

Side B: Poink

Up B: Drumpoline

Down B: Percussiplant

Final Smash: Cymbi-Cart

Collecting 100 CDs.

Playing 1,000 VS Matches.

  • Fought on Poke Floats when being unlocked
  • Ariana is available as an alternate costume
SSB R.O.B. Series

Neutral B: Robo Beam

Side B: Arm Rotor

Up B: Robo Burner

Down B: Gyro

Final Smash: Diffusion Beam

Clearing 2P Classic Mode with every Starter character.

Playing 1,050 VS Matches.

Is fought on Stack Up when being unlocked.
SSBE Kagamine Rin & Len
Kagamine Rin & Len

Neutral B: Digital Wave (L- Roodo Rooraa da Punch!)

Side B: Rin, Rin, Signal (L- Len, Len, Rampage!)

Up B: Po Pi Po Rocket

Down B: Vocal Switch

Final Smash: It's My Road Roller!!

Collecting 150 CDs.

Playing 1,100 VS Matches.

Fought on Final Corridor when being unlocked

(FACT: The "L" stands fo Len's special)

SBE E-Reader
SSB Gameboy

Neutral B: Electric Seizure

Side B: Card

Up B: Fling

Down B: Scan

Final Smash: Game Boy Attack

Playing team battles in VS mode for 60 non-consecutive minutes.

Playing 1,150 VS Matches.

Is fought on GameCube Dimensions when being unlocked.
SSB LordoftheFlies Lord of the Flies

Neutral B: Plague Breath

Side B: Spearhead

Up B: Rotting Black Mass

Down B: Fly Rush

Final Smash: Killing is Fun

Preforming 200 KOs on oppoments.

Playing 1,200 VS Matches.

Fought on The Island when being unlocked.
SSB Kirby Series
Rick TBA Clearing 2P Classic Mode with any two of Kirby characters.

Playing 1,250 VS Matches.

He is fought on Dream Land 64 when being unlocked.
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer

Neutral B: Chainsaw

Side B: Machine Gun Fire

Up B: Cacodemon Grab

Down B: Delta V Jump-Boots

Final Smash: Glory Kill

Using Sonic in VS Matches 11 times.

Playing 1,300 VS Matches.

Doom Slayer is fought in Hell when being unlocked.
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Playing on every Melee stage.

Playing 1,350 VS Matches.

Roy is fought on TBA when being unlocked.
SBE Dr. Mario
SSB Mario Series
Dr. Mario Neutral B: MegaVitamin

Side B: Eletric Blanket

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: Doctor Tornado

Final Smash: Virus Frenzy

Playing on Melee stages for 60 non-consecutive minutes.

Playing 1,400 VS Matches.

Dr. Mario is fought on Dr. Mario when being unlocked.
Godzilla (Heisei)
SSBE Godzilla Icon

Neutral B: Atomic Breath

Side B: Tail Drumkick(From Godzilla Vs Megalon)

Up B: Fires atomic breath to fly in the air(From Godzilla Vs. Hedorah).

Down B: Electric Burst

Final Smash: Red Spiral Ray

Beating 1P Classic Mode on Normal or higher. Godzilla is one of the only characters who isn't unlocked by playing matches. TBA
Solomon (NES Godzilla Creepypasta)
NES Godzilla Creepypasta Solomon

Neutral B: Heat Beam

Side B: Claws

Up B: Glide

Down B: TBA

Final Smash: Acacius and Melissa help.

Playing 10 hours of VS Matches.

Playing 1,450 VS Matches.

Solomon is fought on the NES Godzilla stage when being unlocked.
PlagueKnight005 ShovelKnightSmashifiedSymbol Plague Knight

Neutral B: Arc Bomb

Side B: Bait Bomb

Up B: Bomb Burst

Down B: Vat

Final Smash: Ultimate Potion

DuckHuntSSB4 SSB Duck Hunt Series Duck Hunt Duo

Neutral B: Trick Shot

Side B: Clay Shooting

Up B: Duck Jump Duo

Down B: Wild Gunman

Final Smash: NES Zapper Posse

TBA Fought on Duck Hunt when being unlocked.
428Lopunny SSB Pokémon Series Lopunny

Neutral B: Return

Side B: High Jump Kick

Up B: Bounce

Down B: Mirror Coat

Final Smash: Mega Evolution

PerryPnFArt SSB Phineas and Ferb Series Perry the Platypus

Neutral B: Tail Slap

Side B: Boomerang Fedora

Up B: Jetpack

Down B: Umbrella

Final Smash: Devolitionator Hat

Meta Knight(Clear)
SSB Kirby Series
Brawl Meta Knight

Neutral B: Mach Tornado

Side B: Drill Rush

Up B: Shuttle Roof

Down B: Dimensional Cape

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness

Winning against a team of 3 Level 9 CPU Meta Knights in a 1 stock VS Match.

Playing 4,000 VS Matches.

He is fought on Battlefield when being unlocked, with Meta Knight's Theme playing.
SBE Wasp
SSBE Avengers Icon

Neutral B: Energy Sting

Side B: Flight Fling

Up B: Hover

Down B: Downkick

Final Smash: Grow big

Clear Classic mode 3.0 as Venomoth (Only way to unlock) Wasp is one of the few characters who can't be unlocked whislt playing matches
SBE Mariotehplumber (Xbox)

Neutral B: FUCK!!!(Similar to Etika's attack)

Side B: Throws Amiibo(Rosalina, Sonic, Mario, Link, Peach, and Shovel Knight, Randomly chosen)

Up B: Rocket power up from Sonic Colours

Down B: Miiverse Bash

Final Smash: Uproar.

SBE Carol Tea
Freedom planet smash bros series icon by mrthatkidalex24-d9ujua4
Carol Tea

Neutral B: Hyper Claw

Side B: Motorbike

Up B: Uppercut

Down B: Roll Final Smash: Torque's plane

Unlocked by playing as Lilac 5 times Carol is one of the only characters who cant be unlocked without playing matches
Xenoblade Emblem

Neutral B: Monado Arts

Side B: Back Slash

Up B: Air Slash

Down B: Future Vison

Final Smash: Chain Attack

Unlocked by Playing 4,100 VS Matches. He is fought on Gaur Plains when being unlocked.
Image not avalible Lazytown Robbie Rotten

Neutral B: Cannonball

Side B: Master of Disguse

Up B: Teleport

Down: Leaf and Twigs Trap

Final Smash: We are Number 1

Get a High Score on any Gamemode

Playing 4,200 VS Matches

SSBWIIU Master Hand
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Master Hand

Neutral B: Gun

Side B: Drill

Up B: Ram

Down B: Crush

Final Smash: Creates huge portal which sucks nearby Characters in and then turns them into trophies. Master Hand then crushes them.

Unlocked by beating Classic mode with all characters and clearing 9.0 with one character. Master Hand is one of the only characters who can't be unlocked by playing matches.

Neutral B: TBA

Side B: TBA


Down B: TBA

Final Smash: New World Order

He's the most powerful character in the game, being immune to all attacks.

Clearing the game 100%. ILLUMINATI





???? Potato

Neutral B: None

Side B: None

Up B: None

Down B: None

Final Smash: None

Entering up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start on the title screen after unlocking Illuminati. This will earn 101% completion. Potato can't move, use items, or do anything else. It dies in one hit and only has one life, regardless of how the match is set up.
Pokemon sun and moon starters



Neutral B: Potayto

Side B: Potahto

Up B: Tomayto

Down B: Tomahto

Final Smash: Let's call the whole thing off

Shove a potato into your system after unlocking Potato. This will earn 102% completion and completely complete the game. That's it, no more of this crap. I'm out
Nintendo 64 Nintendo Sixty-gal

Neutral B: Super Smash Bros.

Side B: Mario Kart 64

Up B: Ocarina of Time

Down B: GoldenEye 007

Final Smash: Super Mario 64

Win a match as Mario 64 times.
Nintendo GameCube GameGal

Neutral B: Animal Crossing

Side B: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Up B: Luigi's Mansion

Down B: Super Mario Sunshine

Final Smash: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Unlock all characters, then play as Mario and win a match againist Fox.


Image Series Name Moveset Price Notes
Protoman SSB4

Neutral B: Proto Buster

Side B: Break Dash

Up B: Beat

Down B: Power Slide

Final Smash: Charge Shot

Papyrus from undertale render by nibroc rock-d9c1tak
SSB Undertale Symbol

Neutral B: Boiling Spaghetti

Side B: Spinning Skeleton

Up B: Blue Attack

Down B: Special Attack

Final Smash: Super Dating Power

This DLC Come With- Papyrus (Fighter), Snowdin (Stage), & An Undyne Costume For Mii Swordfighter (Female Mii Swordfighter Only)
SSBE Blake Yukio
SSBE Blake Yukio Icon
Blake Yukio

Neutral B: Endless Hex

Side B: Throwing Stars(Shuriken)

Up B: Redcliff Wings

Down B: Alter Wind (Counter)

Final Smash: Primal Yukio

Blake Has The Ability To Transform Into Omega OR Alpha If Tapping His Down Taunt (OR Tapping The Up Taunt For Alpha). In Omega Form Will Power Up His Current Moveset, Making Him Stronger, & Faster Than The Regular Blake. However, He Will Also Rapidly Take Damage Over Time. & In Blake's Alpha Form It Will Heal Him While Being Less Stronger
Jack lotf
SSB LordoftheFlies Jack Merridew

Neutral B: Kill the Pig

Side B: Fire Steal

Up B: Piggy's Glasses

Down B: Stick Sharpen

Final Smash: Conch Smash

Jack's Down Special affects the power and speed of his Neutral Special. If it's sharpened at both ends, it does maximum damage. He comes with a Mii Fighter costume based on Ralph in his state in Chapter 7 (when he notices the uncleanliness of the boys).
SBE Goku
SSBE Dragon Ball Z Icon Goku

Neutral B: Ki Blast/Kamehameha

Side B: Kiai

Up B: After Image

Down B: Kaio-Ken

Final Smash: Sprit Bomb

SSB Kingdom Hearts Series

Neutral B: Combo Finisher

Side B: Firaga

Up B: Aerial Recovery

Down B: Reflect

Final Smash: Limit Attack


Cute Dog
Real Life Cute Dog

Neutral B: Chew Bone

Side B: Fetch Stick

Up B: Jump Up

Down B: Dig Hole

Final Smash: Look At You Funny

SSBE Segata
SSBE Sega Saturan Icon
Segata Sanshiro

Neutral B: Tile Breaker

Side B: Judo Throw

Up B: Segata Clone

Down B: Sega Saturn

Final Smash: Ultimate Sacrifice

RWBY icon
Yang Xaio Long

Neutral B: Chargable Gauntlet Punch

Side B: Shotgun Shoot

Up B: Bullet Bounce Off Uppercut

Down B: Counter

Final Smash: "Super Sa-Yang"

Yang comes with a Mii Swordfigter costume based on Weiss.
SSBE Garnet

Neutral B: Gauntlet Slug

Side B: Rocket Fist

Up B: Flying Uppercut

Down B: Future Vision

Final Smash: Alexandrite

Garnet comes with a Mii Swordfigter costume based on Pearl & The Crystal Temple As A Stage.

Neutral B: Fake It

Side B: Perfume Punch

Up B: Capsulate

Down B: Vitamin Drop

Final Smash: Flash


Glitch person  ??? Glitched Person

Neutral B: Creepy Claws

Side B: Gazing Stare

Up B: Glitch Out

Down B: Sneaky Freaky

Final Smash: Blue Screen


Pikachu SSB
SSB Pokémon Classic
64 Pikachu

Neutral B: Thunder Jolt

Up B: Quick Attack

Down B: Thunder

Final Smash: Rat Attack

64 Pikachu is the only fighter that lacks a Side Special move. Pressing Side B would just activate Thunder Jolt.

64 Pikachu also performs best on Sector Z 64 with items turned off.


Neutral B: Unicycle Bash

Side B: Runover


Down B: Slippy

Final Smash: MEMETENDO

Krystal Smashified
SSB Star Fox Series

Normal B: Fire Blaster

Side B: Ice Blast

Up B: Rocket Boots

Down: B: Force Field

Final Smash: Super Quake


SBE hands icon
Pixel Kid

Normal B: Pixelize

Side B: Original Fireball

Up B: Upwards Stab

Down B: Dank memes

Final Smash: Bleeding Eyes

Super Saiyan Potato

Normal B: Potato

Side B: Potato

Up B: Potato

Down B: Potato

Final Smash: Kamei Hamei HAAAAAAA!!!!!

More Than Trump's Money
Only available in the USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China and North Korea and unavailable unless you unlock Potayto Potahto



Dead Pearl

Normal B: Banana Gun

Side B: Spear Thrower

Up B: Ariel Sword Slash

Down B: Pogo Spear

Final Smash: Hyper-realistic Spear-and-Sword Concert!!!

Your SOUL!!! Just kidding, you just gotta bring me lunch.

shameless plug



Image Stage Description
SSBE Final Destination
Final Destination
SSBE Battlefield
Beat Block Galaxy
Beat Block Galaxy
Bowser's Castle
Another Dimension
Secret Sea
Tropical Volcano
Banana Kingdom
Hyrule Castle
Ridley's Lair
Metroid Caves
Yoshi's House
Obstacle Course
Airwing Control Room
Pokémon Stadium 3
Victory Road
Infinite Glacier
WarioWare Inc. 2.0
Large Fry Cook Off
Happy Home City
SBE Inkopolis
Lich Knight's Arena
Green Hill Zone
Lyrics Weapon Facility profile
Lyric's Lair
Shrek's House
Castle Inverness
Peach Castle HD PM
Peach's Castle 64
Dream Land 64
Congo Jungle SSB4
Kongo Jungle 64
SBE Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle 64
Planet Zebes
Planet Zebes 64
Yoshi's Island 64
Sector Z 64
SaffronCitySSB Saffron City 64


Image Stage Method Description
Meta Ridley's Lair Play on stages in the Metroid series 20 times.
Quavoro's Kingdom Win 20 matches as Offbit.
Super Flat Zone Unlock Mr. Game and Watch.
/V/ Unlock Senator Scoobs
SSBE Your Best Nightmare
Your Best Nigtmare Complete 1P Classic Mode with Frisk on Intense difficulty.
SSBE Final Corridor
Final Corridor Use Sans in Versus Mode 10 times.
The Island Unlock Lord of the Flies.
Stack Up Unlock R.O.B.
GameCube Dimensions
Dr. Mario (Stage)
Dr. Mario Unlock Dr. Mario
(image coming soon) Yoyle Needy Play as Leafy 3 times.
Mario Party Zone Unlock all of the Characters
Mushroom Kingdom II Melee
Mushroom Kingdom II (Melee)
Fountain of Dreams (Melee)
Kongo Jungle (Melee)
Great Bay (Melee)
Brinstar Depths (Melee)
Yoshi's Story SSBM
Yoshi's Story (Melee)
Venom (Melee)
Poke Floats 2
Poké Floats (Melee) Unlock Jigglypuff.
Mute City-0
Mute City (Melee)
Fourside Melee
Fourside (Melee)
Icicle Mountain (Melee)
Flat Zone (Melee)
Duck Hunt Stage SSB4
Duck Hunt (SSB4) Unlock Duck Hunt Duo
Gaur Plains
Gaur Plains (SSB4) Unlock Shulk


Image Stage Description
SSBE Crystal Temple
Crystal Temple Is unlocked when purchasing Garnet.
SBE Snowdin
Snowdin Is unlocked when purchasing Papyrus.


1P Classic Mode

2P Classic Mode


Fight ten characters in the game.

All-Star Deluxe

Fight everybody in the game using limited recovery items. Unlocked after unlocking every character in the game.

Challenge Mode

Up to 2 players can play through a set of challenges that will offer them unique additions to the game.


All Stadium games can be played with up to 4 players.

Target Smash

Break all the targets!

Multi Man Battle

Defeat a whole wave of Miis. This mode has several different types of sub-modes in it which include:

  • 50 Man Smash; the player must defeat 50 enemies without getting KOed.
  • 100 Man Smash; the player must defeat 100 enemies without getting KOed.
  • 1 Minute Smash; the player must defeat as many enemies as possible in 60 seconds without getting KOed.
  • 3 Minute Smash; the player must defeat as many enemies as possible in 180 seconds without getting KOed.
  • 1 Stock Smash; the enemies will never stop coming until the player is KOed.
  • 2 Stock Smash; the enemies will never stop coming until the player is KOed twice.
  • Rainbow Smash; the player must defeat enemies in a order which goes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple then pink. The cycle continues until the player is KOed or KOs the wrong coloured oppoment.
  • Cruel Smash; these enemies are very powerful and will continue spawning until the player is KOed.
  • 9000000 Man Cruel Smash; the player must defeat 9000000 very powerful enemies without getting KOed

Home Run Contest

The player is given up to 10 seconds to hit the Sandbag as far as they can! With other players, everybody can play together or competitively.

Race to the Finish

The players can all race each other to the goal in several races. There are six courses; Newbie, Easy, Classic, Moderate, Hard and Intense. There are several sub-modes which include:

  • Single Race; the players race through a course and try to beat their rivals to the goal.
  • Grand Prix; the players race through all six courses and get points depending on how fast they make it.
  • Time Attack; 1 player races alone against a time limit.



Mode Type

Mode Description
Stock Players battle until they lose all of their set lives. The number of stock can be anything from 1 to 9. Unlike in previous games, everybody can have a different number of stock.
Time Players battle for 1 to 60 minutes. Players are allowed to toggle how many points somebody gets for KOing, and how much points are lost for getting KO'd or SDing, which can be from 0 to 10.
Coin Players attack each other, causing coins to drop. Players must collect more coins than anyone else to win. If a player falls off the stage, they will lose 100 coins, so beware!
Stamina All players start with a certain amount of health, which can be between 1 HP and 300 HP. If players get attacked, they will lose health. Players will lose if they run out of health or fall off the stage. Last one standing wins.

4 Player Smash

8 Player Smash

Special Smash

Tournament Mode


Stage Builder


Music List

SMASH BROS: EVERYONE!!! clearly surpasses the amount of tracks Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has by a landslide, by having at least 1000 tracks in the music list (and maybe even more). This is because, as a collab project, the game is bound to have a lot of things.


Story Mode


  • This page was inspired by Tonic's One Night Of Everything over at the FNAF fanon wiki.
  • Shinju & Blake Are The Very 1st Electroshock Produtions Characters To Be Announced In The Fantendoverse.
  • When unlocking characters, if the character is unlocked by playing VS Matches, anybody who wins the fight must battle the character, regardless of who they are.
  • Because of this, the player can sometimes unlock the character cheaply by allowing a level 9 CPU to win the match.
  • If a team wins, whoever fights the character depends on who has the lowest player number (P1 > P2 > P3 > P4 > P5 > P6).

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