The Super Koopa Bros. and Their Sister: Koopaling Adventure is a game for the DSiXL.


Before Super Mario Bros. 3, the seven Koopalings had to prove themselves worthy to be generals, so they were sent off into the wilderness to see if they could survive (and take care of Larry, who was still just a baby) without their father's help. Once they do, they must steal the wands of the Mushroom Kingdom's leaders.


Name Favorite Power-up Special Move Favorite mini-game type
Larry Mini Mushroom Triple Backflip Jump guessing

Morton, Jr.

Mega Mushroom Ground Pound strength
Wendy O. Super Star Ring Toss card
Iggy Spring Mushroom Ride timing
Roy Blue Shell Lift and Throw word
Lemmy Ball Mushroom Ball Roll speed
Ludwig Fire Flower Flutter Jump strategy

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