SHOUJO (TV show)
Creator(s) Pyrostar
Producer(s) Pyrostar
Type Anime
Genre(s) Action/Romance
First Air Date(s)
August 1st, 2019
Age Rating(s)
Season(s) 3
Episodes 60
Runtime 23 minutes
Status Running
SHOUJO is a Japanese-American anime series commisioned by Pyro Enterprises to coincide with the game of the same name. The series is notable for being the studio's first attempt at an episodic, TV show-styled story format, and episodes are designed to replace an actual written story mode for the game.

The show first aired on August 1st, 2019 on Cartoon Network, though eventually moved to Animax after the first season ended.

Due to its darker themes, semi-serious nature, and instances of death, it is recommended that viewers of the show are at least twelve years of age or older to watch.





Season 1

Episode Air date Synopsis
Season 1
The Garox Alignment8-1-19It's the beginning of the new school year in the city of Machinoki, Japan, and ordinary otaku Nichi Saiba is about to begin her junior year in high school. However, an alien surprise attack will ensure that she'll have a lot more to worry about than grades...
Intense Training Pt. 18-5-19Nichi is formally inducted into the anti-Garox fighting force known as SHOUJO, and is granted an advanced jet-powered biosuit that grants her the superpowers she's always dreamed of. Teaming up with commanding officers Voltaire and Akuma Toritama, she sets off on her first assignment- recon on the Garox ship hovering over the ocean.
Intense Training Pt. 28-6-19The recon assignment takes a turn for the worst when the squad is spotted by the elite commanders of the Garox Alignment. Now trapped with no way out, Nichi and her superiors are forced to fight off the might beast Amopon in her first serious fight ever... What a horrible start.
Day Off???The members of the Garox Alignment decide to take a day off from world domination and just sit around the mothership. Chaos and hilarity ensue.
Yandere Protocol???Garox himself decides to take a more subversive approach to defeating Nichi Saiba; disguising himself as a handsome human and infiltrating her school. Unfortunately, local yandere Oka Hana seems to have developed a crush on the alien prince, and is now murdering anybody who dares to get in the way...

Season 2

Season 3