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Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Pyrohedron
1-Player Story Mode

2 to 4-Player Co-Op Missions

2 to 4-Player Battle Mode

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Action
Media Included Pyrohedron Disc

SHOUJO (also stylized as S.H.O.U.J.O.) is an anime-inspired action game developed by Pyro Enterprises. It is designed as a homage to anime greats such as Sailor Moon and the Gundam series, alongside the studio's first attempt to make a TV show-styled narrative.

The game's story parallels the anime of the same name.




SHOUJO is a 2D action game with gameplay inspired by a fusion of beat-em-ups such as Double Dragon and Castle Crashers and action games such as Bayonetta. Players make their way from one end of an stage to the other, with each "episode" consisting of 3 stages and a boss battle. Players will have to engage in combat was well as platforming to clear stages.

There are three basic buttons in combat; Punch, Kick, and Special. Players create combos by punching and kicking in various button combinations, with more complex and unique combos being unlocked via upgrades. The Special button is a unique ability for each character, and can also be comboed into attacks or used for more powerful abilities.


Story Mode

A one-player mode where the bulk of the game takes place. Story Mode contains several episodes, each consisting of three stages and a boss battle, Each episode has dialogue segments to act as a story.

Mission Mode

Mission Mode can be played with two to four players. Like Story Mode, Mission Mode consists of episodes, but these lack cutscenes and story elements and can be played in any order. An episode must be beaten in Story Mode to unlock it in Mission Mode.

In Mission Mode, players work alongside each other to clear stages and defeat enemies. Each player selects their own character from the available roster, but to compensate for additional players, the stage difficulty will increase.

Battle Mode

Another two-to-four player mode, Battle Mode sees players selecting characters and battling themselves instead of a common enemy. There is one a simple SHOUJO training stage as a location for this mode, but there are many randomized combinations of platforms and hazards that can shift in any minute, alongside items.

Certain playable characters are exclusive to Battle Mode.


Characters are typically unlocked by clearing their debut episode; if the unlock cause is different, it will be noted in their bio.

Name Bio Special Tech
Nichi Saiba
SHOUJO Pilot Extraordinare
Nichi Saiba was just a normal schoolgirl until she became the first to witness the second invasion of the Garox Alignment. Upon being recruited by secret government agency SHOUJO, she was granted access to a recently developed biosuit, and began training to become an alien-fighting machine. Now all she needs to do is to take care of her double life... Jet Drive
Nichi's SHOUJO Suit is powered by a super-powered pair of jet turbine engines. As she moves and attacks at maximum speed, she fills up her Drive Meter, which she can spend on hovering, dash attacks, or air-based abilities that combo alongside her other moves.
Electrically Enhanced Warrior
Agent Voltaire has never really had a simple life. As the daughter of SHOUJO's lead scientist, Professor Toirobi, she was genetically manipulated into becoming an ideal anti-Garox weapon and infused with an electricity-generating engine. As such, she's understandably annoyed when Nichi suddenly gains all the glory for her first victory- Voltaire needs to show the newcomer the true horrors of war. BioVolt Gear
Voltaire has access to a multitude of electrically enhanced weapons; bow, grappling wire, force field, and more. Hitting the Special button in combination with a unique command uses a BioVolt Gear weapon, but it requires cooldown afterwards.
Akuma Toritama
World's Mightest Warrior
Toritama is a renowned worldwide hero, a mighty warrior who uses powerful martial arts techniques and his inner ki to combat the forces of evil. However, what the newsreels don't show is that he's actually a major a-hole. He comes through when it counts, but otherwise, he can get on one's nerves fast. Ki
Harnessing his inner strength, Toritama fires out a powerful projectile. This can be used as often as desired, and can be comboed into attack chains for more powerful ki-fueled moves.