SEW'N Transfer
SEW'N Transfer
At F.W.V.F
Developer(s) 12 11 7
Transfer Stick

SEW'N Vision

Backward Compatibility Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS (In 2D, as it is a 2D console)

Nintendo 64

Game Boy (All types)



Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Entertainment System


PC disc

Forward Compatibility Wii U
Sewn transfer

Cover art

SEW'N Transfer is a console that uses a Transfer system, and a "vision" system. It will play any future disk game. There is a plug where you can plug in future versions, which are able to play the latest console's games in, for if it will not fit in a slot. It is a home console.


SEW'N Transfer Stick

The Transfer Stick

SEW'N Transfer Stick

The console comes with a Transfer stick of Mr. Sew'n which you can plug into the far right of the system. On special occasions, a Transfer Stick of a different character will be released. Open up any game supporting Transfer, eg. SEW'N Vision Racing. When you are at the character roster, right click on any character you would like to save onto the memory stick, eg. Unten. Then, open up any SEW'N Transfer game that has a number of transfer spaces available, eg. Super Smash Merlin. You can then save the character (Unten) onto that game, and you can play as that character in that game. You can change that character at any time. Some games support more than one space for transfer characters.

SEW'N Vision

SEW'N Vision is a camera that sences your movement, and makes your character in the game do that.


On certain games, you can get achievements for doing certain things, and you get points, which you can spend on certain game add-ons.


Eshop Games


  • The codename for this console was "Dave Transfer", and in Soap Master, there is a car that has the numberplate "DAVETR"

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