SEGA Smash Bros. Melee, And the brother counterpart to Super Smash Bros. Melee. This game plays similar to SEGA Smash Bros., Except the whole E-Rated content was leveled up into a T-Rated game. This game is for The Nintendo GameCube and it was created in 2001.

Playable Characters

Default Characters

There are 25 playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee, 26 incuding NiGHTS's alter ego, REALA. Five of them originated from the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series. These characters are Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Dr. Eggman, And Sonic The Werehog.

Artwork Name Series Description
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 Sonic SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series Sonic is a little different then Sonic in SEGA Smash Bros., He is faster, And stronger in this game.
Beat 2 Beat Jet Set Radio series Beat is one of the strongest characters and is a middle-weight character. Most of his attacks use his spray can.
Amigo 2 Amigo Samba De Amigo series Amigo is a very quick character, And also strong. He uses his maracas as attacks.
AiAi 2 AiAi Super Monkey Ball series AiAi is now one of the fastest characters in the game, Unlike in the original in which he is a very slow character.
Alex Kidd 7 Alex Kidd Alex Kidd series Alex Kidd is an average speed character, But his attacks are very weak.
Ryo Hazuki 2 Ryo Hazuki Shenmue series Ryo is a little fast character, And he has powerful attacks.
Jacky Bryant 2 Jacky Bryant Virtua Fighter series Jacky is a slow character, But he is a powerful character.
Ulala 2 Ulala Space Channel 5 series Ulala is a little faster in this game.
NiGHTS 2 NiGHTS NiGHTS Into Dreams series NiGHTS is a very fast character, But she is a very weak character. On the other side, She has the ability to turn herself into REALA.
REALA REALA NiGHTS Into Dreams series REALA is very slower then NiGHTS, But she is more powerful, And she has the ability to turn herself into NiGHTS.
B.D. Joe 7 B.D. Joe Crazy Taxi series B.D. Joe is once again, The second fastest character in the game.
Vyse Vyse Skies Of Arcadia series Vyse is a fast character.
Amiga 2 Amiga Samba De Amigo series Amiga is has average-low speed, Very slower then Amigo.
MeeMee MeeMee Super Monkey Ball series MeeMee is the slowest character in the game.

Unlockable Characters

Artwork Name Series Description How To Unlock
Billy Hatcher 7 Billy Hatcher Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg series Billy Hatcher is a fast character, But his attacks are very weak. Clear 1-Player Game.
Knuckles 3 Knuckles SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series Knuckles is the third fastest character in the game, Followed by B.D. Joe in second, And Sonic in first. Clear Break the Targets With All Default Characters.
Shadow 2 Shadow SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series Shadow is a very fast character, And he is very powerful. Clear Target Test With Dr. Eggman.
Dr. Eggman 2 Dr. Eggman SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series Dr. Eggman is a fast and powerful character. Clear Adventure Mode With Sonic Or Knuckles.
Sonic The Werehog Sonic The Werehog SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series Sonic The Werehog is a slightly slower, More powerful version of Sonic. Clear Classic Mode As Sonic.
Tab Tab Jet Set Radio series Tab is faster, And more powerful then Beat. Clear Adventure Mode As Beat.
Gilius Thunderhead Gilius Thunderhead GoldenAxe series Thunderhead is the most powerful character in the game. Clear Adventure Mode.
Joe Musashi Joe Musashi Shinobi series Joe Musashi is a very fast character. Clear Classic Mode.
Pudding 2 Pudding Space Channel 5 series Pudding is faster then Ulala. Clear Break The Targets As Ulala.
Shou Amabane Shou Amabane Burning Rangers series Shou is a very fast, And powerful character. Clear Break The Targets As Gilius Thunderhead.
DJ Kid DJ Kid DJ Boy series DJ Kid is a very fast, And powerful character. Clear Adventure Mode As Gilius Thunderhead.
Bonanza Bros. The Bonanza Bros. The Bonanza Bros. series The Bonanza Bros. Are two very fast, And powerful characters. Play For Twenty-Four Hours.
Dreamcast Dreamcast Dreamcast series Dreamcast is a fast, And powerful character. Clear Break The Targets, Adventure Mode, And Classic Mode As Every Single Character.