SEGA Racers! is a second sequel to Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing from the SEGA Superstars series.


It is very similar to the first two games in which players choose different settings and characters before a race, including the vehicle transformation, Stage changes and the Slot Machine from Transformed.

All-Star Moves returned once again and can be collected like the previous games from capsules. It includes new weapons, 20 new tracks, 8 tracks from the previous games, and 4 DLC tracks. XP Points did not returned, instead, the SEGA Miles from the first game makes a comeback. Like the first one, it can be obtained by playing the game to unlock characters, tracks, and songs. The stickers where replaced by Ranks, each Rank contains an achievement, the Wii U and 3DS versions where replaced by Smash Bros. inspired Trophies.

Playable Characters

There are a total of 46 characters (including 3 3rd party characters (5 in each console) and 3 DLC Characters). The starting roster are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Amy, AiAi, Beat, Amigo, D. B. Joe, and Ryo Hazuki. Other characters has to be unlocked with Sega Miles.

Image Character Vehicle All-Star Move and Theme
Sonic (Credit to who ever published this,I can't find the origanal one.) Sonic the Hedgehog His Speed Star from the previous games.
Tails flying recreated pose upgraded by finnakira-d81luus Miles "Tails" Prower A new upgraded Whirlwind S7
KnucklesFOL6 Knuckles the Echidna His Vehicle from Transformed, with a Master Emerald-inspired color scheme.
Fig 20 dreggman Dr. Eggman He rides on his modifided EggMobile to look like a vehicle.
AmyRoseColorSharpEditDuck Amy Rose She rides her remodeled version of her first vehicle Breeze.
Aiai resource 8 AiAi A fused version of the one from the original and transformed.
151px-ASR Beat Beat His Quad Bike from Transformed.
Amigo Tennis Amigo He rides on a rounded vehicle inspired by a Mexican Hat.
B.D. Joe 7 D. B. Joe He retains his Taxi, Chevy Impala.
RyoSASASR Ryo Hazuki He rides on a bike borrowed from Naoyuki.
Ulala BOTG Ulala She rides a hovercraft from the first game.
235px-Akira 1 Akira Yuki He rides a red OutRun-esque sports car.
WolfVF5 Wolf Hawkfield He rides a Ferrari Testarossa-esque car.
ChuIh Chuih He rides on the ChuChu Rocket.
Gilius Thunderhead Gillius Thunderhead He rides on his animal-esque car from Transformed.
Sakura Shinguji Sakura Shinguji She rides a vehicle version of her mecha, Kobu.
240px-Jet-sonic-free-riders--signature Jet the Hawk He rides on a hoverboard-inspired car.
NiGHTs NiGHTS Becomes a vehicle while a Nightopian rides.
GumJSRF Gum Her quad bike from Transformed.
Pudding BOTG Pudding Rides her futuristic car from Channel 42.
Purge BOTG Purge He rides on Purge the King-inspired vehicle.
Meemee resource 6 MeeMee A copy of AiAi's F1 Car from Transformed with modifications
Shadow the hedgehog by mintenndo-d77u1qr Shadow the Hedgehog He rides on a motorcycle inspired by GUN.
Jack Cayman Anarchy Reigns Jack Cayman He rides on his trushty motorcycle as seen in MadWorld.
VNeptune Neptune Rides a form of a bike inspired by her HDD form.
RealaNiGHTS Reala Becomes a vehicle while a Nightmaren rides.
Kazuma Kiryu Kazuma Kiryu
Leanne Leanne
Hatsune miku render 1 by iemelien-d6bqoro Hatsune Miku
Segata Sanshiro Segata Sanshiro He rides a Sega Saturn on car form, a Rocket from his final commercial in plane form, and the Seaman in boat form.
Alex-Kidd-1 Alex Kidd
Bayonetta Smash Bros Bayonetta
Jeanne Bayonetta 2 render Jeanne
CG Vyse Vyse
414px-Bonanza Bros. 2 Mobo and Robo
Vectorman BOTG Vectorman
Bean the dynamite in sonic world by nibrocrock-d7sm8l4 Bean the Dynamite
Silver02 Silver the Hedgehog
242px-Cream(Modern) Cream the Rabbit
Joe Musashi Joe Musashi
Mario SML Mario (Wii U and 3DS exclusive) He rides on his Mario Kart-inspired vehicle complete with the hand-glider and underwater mechanics. He is the only character to peform a wheelie via boost.
Sly Coooper Sly Cooper (Playstation 4 exclusive) He uses the Cooper Van on car form, the Airplane on plane form, and the submarine similar to one Sir Raleigh belongs on boat form.
Banjo and kazooie smashified transparent by hextupleyoodot-d8pav2j Banjo and Kazooie (Xbox One exclusive) They ride on their Jeep from the first game, complete with Mumbo Jumbo-inspired design.
UntenMysteryProject Unten He rides a squared version of his Beorn Buggy.
JOY Fullbody Render Joy She rides a brain-inspired vehicle, filled with stickers from other Pixar characters.
Cosmo the seedrian mmd Cosmo the Seedrian (DLC) She rides a rose-inspired kart builded by John.
Metal Sonic 7 Metal Sonic (DLC) He retains his Metal Booster from the first two games, athrough a little shorter.
PXZ2-Axel Stone Axel Stone (DLC) He rides Sega Dreamcast-inspired vehicle on car form, a Sega Saturn on plane mode and the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive on boat form
Miis Mii (Wii U an 3DS exclusive) They ride on a Kart inspired by Mario Kart. Varies depending on the weight of the Mii.
My xbox live avatar by brebenel silviu-d5e92vq Avatar (Xbox One exclusive) Rides on a new model of the Ava-car 720 complete with Xbox One themed.


Green hill zone
Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog
Aquarium Park - Sonic the Hedgehog
Launch Base Zone
Launch Base Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog
Jungle Super Monkey Ball
Jungle - Super Monkey Ball

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