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SEGA Fortune Street SEGA Fortune Street is the second game in the Fortune Street series. Unlike the first game, this is made by SEGA and Nintendo and is more like Mario Party 8.


Mario characters and Dragon Quest characters are walking with bags of money when Dr. Eggman comes and steals them. They are all throwing mushrooms and Slimes at him, even though he is too fast. Sonic comes and says that he will help them. Aiai is rolling and bumps into Sonic and Sonic rolls away. Aiai says he will help. Sonic runs back and they get into a fight. Mario steps forward and says they should both help. Sonic decides to represent Mario and Aiai represents Dragon Quest. You can play as Mario, Slime, Luigi, mummies, and other Nintendo characters.

Playable Characters

  1. Sonic
  2. Aiai
  3. Tails
  4. Meemee
  5. Knuckles
  6. Baby
  7. Amy
  8. NiGHTS
  9. Beat
  10. Ristar
  11. Amigo
  12. Bonanza Bros.
  13. Gillius
  14. Eggman
  15. Vyse

Unlockable Characters

Note: Mario series is the reponse of the Sonic series.

  1. Chao
  2. Rouge
  3. Billy Hatcher
  4. Zobiko
  5. Tikal
  6. Fang
  7. Gum
  8. Reala
  9. Metal Sonic

Board Maps

  1. Green Hill
  2. Casino Night
  3. Death Egg
  4. Dino Mountian
  5. Rokkaku Station
  6. Monkey Island
  7. Carnival Island
  8. Curiean Mansion
  9. Dragon Canyon
  10. Get-a-way Airship
  11. Spring Valley
  12. Death Adder's Lair


Every board has a 7 blue spaces, 7 red spaces, 1 mystery space, 2 character spaces, a bank, and a Super Slime/Star space. Blue spaces give you 3 coins, reds take away 3, mystery spaces give you either an automatic change to Dipper Pines, Mabel, or Gruncle Stan or lose all stars/slimes and coins. Character spaces give your character a special power and 1000 coins. Coins are very easy to get, if you win a minigame you get 500. Super Slime or Star spaces give you slimes and stars. They add up to your final score and lead you towards the bosses in Story Mode.

Story Mode

If you choose Story Mode instead of Party Mode, there is a boss in every zone. 2 to 3 computers will play you. In Story Mode, you can only do SEGA boards unless you complete the first 12. Here are the bosses:

  1. Charmy
  2. Flame
  3. Perfect Chaos
  4. Rogue
  5. Perfecter Chaos
  6. Eggman Nega
  7. Ninja GonGon
  8. Bad-Boon-Bot
  9. Dry Bowser
  10. Unknown Gorilla
  11. Charmy and Silver
  12. Arcade Dr. Bad-Boon
  13. Nintendo Board 1: Goomboss
  14. Nintendo Board 2: Giant Slime Monster
  15. Special BLANK: All Bosses 1-14
  16. Final Boss: Eggman

Party Mode

In Party Mode you play against characters you have earned and no bosses.

New SEGA Boards

  • Crisis City
  • Death Egg Zone

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