Announcement Teaser:

Static fills the screen....

Welcome to the SCP Foundation's Secure Database!

Please insert credentials: [DATA EXPUNGED]


Welcome, [REDACTED]!  Please type in search query: XK-Class


There are [REDACTED] articles containing XK-Class.  Showing latest one....



Personnel Involved: All of Site [REDACTED]. 

SCP Involved: All. 

Summary:: At XX:XX, SCP-[REDACTED] broke containment.  Subject showed a formerely unknown ability that caused all anomalous objects in containment to break free.  All of O5 has declared his an XK-Class End-Of-The-World scenario.  All sites under Foundation control have been destroyed. 

Amount of survivors: Unknown, 3 confirmed. 

Logging Off....

Trailer: Welcome To Our World:

A voice is heard....

"This is Dr. Alto Clef, of the SCP Foundation.  This is a message to everyone who is still alive."

First-person view of someone laying down.  He/she gets up and looks around, seeing a completely destroyed landscape, with debris everywhere. 

"You are scared.  I know.  But screaming and panicking isn't going to do anyone good." 

Gameplay is shown while Clef continues to talk.  Footage shown includes: the player picking up a rusty cowbell and examining it, the player entering a room with an emaciated humanoid curled in a foetal position in the corner (face not shown), the player in a dark hallway holding a flashlight (a shadowy figure noticeably can be seen for a single frame), and the player firing a submachine gun at some giant red lizards. 

"Follow these instructions: stay inside, trust no one, and if you see anything strange, call-"



I am free. 

Saving File.Free.exe to Memory Block 9a. 

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