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The S.Q.A.K Team (standing for Secirity Qualification with Armed Kluckers) are a group of enemies in Kyo: The Dystopian Chronicles. They are a team of military kluckers (bird creatures) who work for Feathers Inbunch and protect the city of Featherton. They seem to be a parody of the SWAT Team.


  • Soldier: SQAK soldiers carry rifles and show no mercy to their enemies.
  • Thermopile: These kluckers carry flamethrowers. They look very similair to a vulture.
  • Boom Bird: These big kluckers who carry heavy bazookas.
  • Snipe: These kluckers carry sniper rifles and hide very well, so they're very hard to spot.
  • Vulkan: These kluckers are STRONG and carry powerful machine guns.

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