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S-Zero is a futuristic racing game for the Wii U, that is being developed by Sactown Studios. The game is described as a combination of both the Thomas & Friends and F-Zero franchises. All of the voice actors from the Thomas & Friends series will reprise their roles for the game. In addition, the game features various locations from the Island of Sodor re-imagined in the style of F-Zero. The game was announced in June 18 Sactown Studios direct, and was confirmed to be a spin-off of Nintendo's F-Zero franchise. The game has no set release date at the moment. According to Sactown Studios, the game is being developed for the Thomas franchise's 70th anniversery.


S-Zero features many of the same mechanics from the F-Zero franchise. The players are able to race against 29 other racers on massive circuits. Some of these opponents can be quite aggressive during races, and as such can cause the player to crash and be eliminated from the race. In addition, obstacles such as land mines, slip zones, or natural objects such as boulders can cause the player's vehicle to be damaged. Therefore the game requires extreme and precise concentration of the obstacles. However, unlike the original F-Zero games, S-Zero features a casual mode which is even easier


S-Zero takes place in an alternate universe of the Thomas & Friends one, and features many differences from both the Railway Series, and the more famous Television series. Because of this, the characters themselves are humans rather than locomotives. However, the locomotives that they are based off of are available as playable vehicles with their own stats.


Image Name Locomotive Stats Description
Thomas Bilington LBSCR E2

Body: B

Boost: C

Grip: B

A cheeky but kind-hearted young man from the city of Brighton in Southern England, who now resides on the Island of Sodor. His machine is one of the surprisingly balanced racers despite the fact that his class of engine were quite weak and didn't last very long on trips.
Edward Pettigrew Furness Railway K2

Body: D

Boost: A

Grip: D

Henry Stanier LMS Stanier Black 5

Body: A

Boost: D

Grip: B

Gordon Doncaster LNER A3

Body: A

Boost: B

Grip: E

James Hughes L&YR Hughes Class 28




Percy Avonside GWR Avonside 




Toby Holden LNER J70




Montague "Duck" Collett GWR Pannier 57xx




Donald McIntosh Caledonian 812
Douglas McIntosh Caledonian 812
Oliver Collett GWR 14xx
Emily Stirling GNR Stirling Single G
Daisy Cammell BR Class 101
BoCo Bowesfield BR Class 28
Mavis Drewry BR Class 04
Rosie Hill SR USA Class
Molly Holden-Russell GER D56
Hiro Hideashima JNR D51
Skarloey Fletcher-Jennings Fletcher-Jennings Class C 0-4-2ST
Rheneas Fletcher-Jennings Fletcher-Jennings Class Bb 0-4-0WT


Image Location Difficulty Description
New Tidmouth, Island of Sodor New Tidmouth is the capital of the Island of Sodor and the most famous stop on the S-Zero tour. The city is recognized as one of the most sophisticated cities on the island, and as such millions of people call this metropolis home. As such it appears as one of the easiest tracks for each cup that it appears in. A great start for beginners.
Culdee Fell, Island of Sodor Culdee Fell is the largest mountain on the Island of Sodor, and one of the most dangerous circuits on the S-Zero tour, mainly due to the loss of the Culdee Fell Railway's number one locomotive Godred who crashed off of the mountain in 1900. In addition, various rock slides along with high winds cause trouble for the racers.

Misty Island

Misty Island is an island that is literally covered in mist. Due to a sharp decline in the logging industry, the island was abandoned, and now features ghost towns, and various trees that occasionally fall down for obstacles.
Blue Mountain Quarry, Island of Sodor The Blue Mountain Quarry is a rather large and very busy quarry located near the Skarloey Railway o
New London, England London is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, and a former home to many of the vehicles that now reside on Sodor.

Voice Cast

USA/CAN Voice Cast

Voice Actor Character(s) Voiced
Joseph May Thomas
William Hope Edward, Toby
Kerry Shale Gordon, Henry, Harold, Scruff, Iron 'Arry, and Kevin
Rob Rackstraw James
Christopher Ragland Percy 
Jules de Jongh Emily, and Rosie
Steven Kynman Duck, Paxton, Porter, and Peter Sam
Teresa Gallagher Daisy, Mavis, and Belle
Jonathan Broadbent Bill and Ben
Tim Whitnall Timothy, and Mike
Olivia Coleman Marion
Joe Mills Donald, Douglas, and Oliver
Tom Stourton Duncan, and Rex
David Bedella Victor
Miranda Raison Millie
Togo Igawa Hiro
Micheal Legge Luke
Keith Wickham Salty, Harvey, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Den, Stafford, Bert, Norman, and Glynn
Clive Mantle Gator
Bob Golding Stephen,

UK/AUS/NZ Voice Cast

Japanese Voice Cast

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