Sūpātiruto Wārudo is a Japan-only platformer game developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy on July 2, 1999. It focused on the adventures of Chiruto Atama, an anthropomorphic cat that can roll up into a ball, as he tries to reach his home.


The game, similar to Kirby Tilt & Tumble, uses an accelerometer built into the cartridge to use tilt features. The game features 40 levels, each 10th of which have a boss in them, with a midboss every 5th level.


Chiruto Atama is a cat that lives in the Animalia Kingdom, and is a knight of The Order of Carnivora, along with Abyssinian, knight of darkness, Snowshoe, knight of ice, Ragdoll, knight of possession, and Siamese, knight of speed.

One day, Abyssinian goes nuts, enslaves the 4 Carnivora Knights, and takes over Animalia, putting it into eternal darkness. Chiruto escapes from his prison, and goes after Abyssinian, going across the Lupus Canyon, where The Caniformia Empire is located. All 3 kings of Caniformia have one Carnivora Knight, which will give Chiruto their power after being freed.

After freeing all 3 other Carnivora Knights, Chiruto uses their powers to break the locks on Animalia, and confronts Abyssinian in the throne room. However, Abyssinian summons 52 bombs and plays a high-stakes game of 52 Pickup with Chiruto. After all bombs are collected, the palace explodes, revealing The Great Abyss below.

Chiruto fights and defeats Abyssinian while falling in the Abyss, and saves the Animalia Kingdom from certain destruction, though the Dark Knight escapes.



  1. Rotate & Roll
  2. Arctic Abyss
  3. Platform Panic
  4. Curvy Chaos
  5. Schapendoes Showdown - Midboss
  6. Chaotic Climb
  7. Treetop Tumble
  8. Madness Mountain
  9. Shaded Summit
  10. Slovak Cuvac Chase - Boss


  1. Dangerous Dismount
  2. Sizzling Swampland
  3. Malicious Mangroves
  4. Cave-in Crawl
  5. Tornjak Terror - Midboss
  6. Flaming Forest
  7. Precarious Pond
  8. Lookout Lake
  9. Shimmering Spire
  10. Aidi Assault - Boss


  1. Glacial Grotto
  2. Mine Cart Craze
  3. Deep Desert
  4. Subterranean Savanna
  5. Šarplaninac Showdown - Midboss
  6. Driller Derby
  7. Mire Mine
  8. Aqueduct Ascent
  9. Flying Fleet
  10. Komondor Kaos - Boss


  1. Drawbridge Destruction
  2. Barracks Battle
  3. Weaponry War
  4. Turret Takedown
  5. Tornjak Terror Returns - Midboss
  6. Rising Race
  7. City Crash
  8. Arrow Attack
  9. Penultimate Panic
  10. Abyssinian Attack - Final Boss


  • Move device - Move Chiruto
  • D-Pad Up - Default Power - System Shake
  • D-Pad Down (After completing World 1) - Snowshoe Power - Frosty Fallout
  • D-Pad Left (After completing World 2) - Ragdoll Power - Puppet Possession
  • D-Pad Right (After completing World 3) - Siamese Power - Rocket Rush

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