Full Name S'heavena
Current Age Twenty-something
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Borrdomme
Current Status Alive

S'heavena (pronounced sey-uh-vee-nuh), occasionally shortened to just S'hea (sey-uh), is a crazed woman who tampers with alternate dimensions. She uses unsuspecting alternate versions of herself from parallel universes to help her, most of the time resulting in her alternate selves' deaths. She summons these different S'heavenas using various different weapons that can take them from their dimensions.

She has currently not appeared in any video game or other form of media.


S'heavena is generally tall. Her hair is messy and tied into a ponytail; as for color, it is unknown what S'hea's hair color is naturally, but it seems to consist of alternating light blue and pink streaks. Her eyes are brown, and her teeth are unusually pointy. She wears a large black trench coat as well as a blue skirt. In addition to this, she also has white leggings and purple high heels. There is a black-colored ring on her left hand's ring finger. S'hea also wields an abnormally large gray gun on occasion which is otherwise hidden in her trench coat.


S'heavena grew up in a small town (city? country? I don't know) called Borrdomme that was physically hidden from the rest of the world… yeah, that lasted until she was, like, seven. S'hea's parents were sort of scientists and noticed that she started developing some "inhuman" traits. The two scientists, along with others that worked at their laboratory, began several experiments on her, which, to S'hea, were torture. These experiments lead the scientists to believe that one of S'hea's parents were from an alternate dimension, and they set out to kill both of them, but they had soon disappeared. They continued their experiments, believing that they could harness some sort of power by doing so. However, they eventually found that these experiments were killing S'hea. To keep her alive, one scientist created a device that could heal her by connecting to her heart and stealing the health of different S'heavenas from parallel universes to replenish her own. S'hea, now 15, was driven completely mad by learning that the scientists were continuing the experiments, and figured out that she could weaponize the device that was keeping her alive, allowing her to summon alternate S'heas to attack. Using this, S'hea killed all of the scientists in the laboratory. She then realized that doing things like this was actually satisfying to her, and she decided that she would start doing this whenever she "wants to," occasionally for money. Although she now tries to hide from Borrdomme, she does occasionally visit, and she lives in the laboratory as she considers it her "home."


  • S'heavena's name originates from the name of a character made by Blenda that was scrapped.
    • The original character was named S'heaven, pronounced identically to the number "seven," and was male. His initial concept was going to be "something relating to death," but was scrapped because Blenda couldn't find a way to execute it properly.