S Redesign
New appearance of S.
Full Name S
Current Age 17
Date of Birth 6 July, 2888
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Female
Species Human
Location London, England
Class Investigator
Height 5'0 (152cm)
First Appearance Reverse Quantum Curse
To see the former description of the character before the series' recreation, see this article.

S is the main character of the recent reboot of her old series, now known as Reverse Quantum Curse. She was born in the late 2800s in a dystopian future. In her game, her goal is to create an army to stop the forces of Kira from conquering the world.


S and her parents live had lived in the distant future. In this distant future, all of Europe and Asia had been taken over by a powerful and corrupt emperor named Kira. At this point, there is now a strong government which has absolute control of the full continent. The agency which S's parents come from wishes to create a time travel machine to go back in time and stop Kira before she even comes into power.

They succeed in creating a time machine. They are able to time travel back and forth between the past and future several times before they make their biggest trip, so they can confirm that time travel seems safe enough. S's parents decide that it is right for them to travel to the past for safety and to stop Kira. Because S is so young, they feel that it is appropriate for her to come with them so she is not kept in that dangerous future on her own.

The family enters the time machine. But everything goes wrong. The machine malfunctions horribly and kills both of S's parents, with their bodies being absolutely lost in time. S, however, survives because her parents had protected her by shielding her with their bodies. The time machine arrived in what is present day London, with S being on her own completely. She knew what her mission was, but she just had to wait.


Marina's Canon

Reverse Quantum Curse

In Reverse Quantum Curse, S appears as the main character. She, in the game, attempts to gather as many people around London as she can who have strength to help battle against Kira. She meets with several people who she goes on adventures with through several different story arcs.

New Fantendoverse

Shadowcalypse 3: Empress of the Cosmos

Rather than being introduced in her own game, she appears in Shadowcalypse 3 as a co-star. Her history is overall similar to that of her original counterpart; she is sent back in time to stop Kira from taking over Europe, and joins Umbra Shader and Andromeda.

General Description

Physical Appearance

In her newer appearance, she is a short girl with straightened black hair tied into a ponytail. She has mysteriously red eyes and wears winged eyeliner. She normally wears a blue shirt along with black jeans and darker blue high-heeled boots.


S is a very forgiving person. However, this makes her somewhat naïve. In particular, she is hardly ever angry, but she has a tendency to avoid anything that may keep her from being happy. She always is quite outgoing in a way.



Dakota is S's closest friend. S met Dakota first when she arrived in the past, and they instantly became best friends. The two work together, and hang out together frequently. The two hardly ever get in arguments, and Dakota is kinder to S in particular than she is to any other person she knows. Dakota secretly is romantically infatuated with S, though S is unaware.

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