Ryu Hayabusa (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Ninja Gaiden
Official Debut Ninja Gaiden [NES] (1988)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Art of True Inferno
Ryu Hayabusa is a guest character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified from Koei Techmo's Ninja Gaiden and later, Dead or Alive games. He debuted in Ninja Gaiden on the NES. He will be voiced by Troy Baker.


Special Moves
Neutral Special Windmill Shuriken A fast moving shuriken that returns to Hayabusa.
Side Special Phantom Double Ryu short hops forward and strikes at the same time as a double that runs forward.
Up Special Wind Run Technique Performs the Wind Run Technique.
Down Special Art of the Fire Wheels Covers a stationary Hayabusa with flames.
Final Smash Art of True Inferno
Custom Moves 1
Neutral Special Art of Ice Storms Sends three swift ice shards forward
Side Special Bullet Slice Slices any projectile, destroying it. The slice itself can do damage.
Up Special Grappling Hook Allow him to quickly climb to the ledge if the hook reaches it
Down Special Sabaki Delivers a counter strike.
Custom Moves 2
Neutral Special Fiend's Bane Bow Can aim and fire an arrow. Does not deal more damge if input is held.
Side Special Violent Wind A high spped dash that slices foes.
Up Special Fudo-Utsusemi Teleports using Ninja magic in any direction
Down Special Art of the Hurricane Creates a small protective tornado that sends foes upward.

Ground Attacks

Jab: Press once for a punch. Press again for a kick. Press one more time to complete the Hato-Geri.

Side Tilt: Swipes forward with the Dragon Sword like he does in the NES titles.

Up Tilt: Performs Onibishi

Down Tilt: Crouches and uses tonfas.

Side Smash: Performs the Gao-Sho

Up Smash: Hayabusa does a a backflip.

Down Smash: Strikes with tonfas both forward and back.

Dash Attack: Hayabusa twirls the Lunar Staff.

Get Up: Twirls the Lunar Staff hitting forward and back

Air Attacks

Neutral Air: Uses the sword while spinning.

Forward Air: Performs two swipes with the Falcon' s Talons

Back Air:  Uses one tonfa to hit behind him

Down Air: Smacks the foe with the Lunar Staff.

Up Air: Slices upward in a arc with the Dragon Sword.


Pummel: Uses knee strikes.

Forward: Punches his foe and then performs the Kubikiri-Nage

Back: Hayabusa uses both feet to launch foes behind him

Down: Quickly disappears and reappears in a two foot stomp.

Up: Kicks foes upward and performs the Izuna Drop.


Entry: Appears from smoke

Crawl: Yes

Wall Cling/Jump: Both Cling and Jump

Tethering: Yes

Special Animations

Up Taunt: Stands straight up, crosses his arms, and says "You can't win."

Side Taunt: Pulls his sword and says "Prepare!"

Down Taunt: Does the "Ongyoin" pose and grunts

Victory Animation: Performs ninja gestures and says their proper words.

Victory Animation 2: Shows the Dragon Sword and puts it into its sheath.

Victory Animation 3: Throws a smoke bomb and vanishes.

Team Victory Animation (Shiek): Ryu readies his Dragon Sword while Shiek readies her needles. They stand back to back.

Team Victory Animation (Greninja): Greninja and Ryu Hayabusa disappear, leaving two logs behind.

Trophy Info

Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa, ninja of the Hayabusa clan. He has fought an extensive resume of foes ranging from other ninjas, to even fiends and demons. He always has a weapon on hand, whether it is his trusty Dragon Sword, his Ninpo, or other sorts of weapons. He brings his swift strikes and his large arsenal to Smash. He's currently one of the only people who can wield this sword without harming himself. That's the only safe to handle it.

Ryu Hayabusa(Alt)

Ryu Hayabusa's Windmill Shuriken can strike fast and even go behind him only once for a clever strike before returnig to him. His Phantom Double is a nifty attack for punishing, but his attacking phantom can be destroyed to lessen their damage and possibly a swift punishment in retaliation. The Art of the Flame Wheels covers Hayabusa and lets him attack at the same time, but the art won't last long.  Fudo-Utsusemi allows him to warp in any direction directed.  

Art of True Inferno

Ryu Hayabusa gathers his Ki energy and turns it into his Art of True Inferno. This makes Ryu Hayabusa into a fire dragon that delivers a very strong blow, rather that eating foes in Ninja Gaiden 3. This will refresh some of Ryu Hayabusa's health, so he can keep fighting on longer. The more foes he hits with this, the more health he can recover.

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Special Attrib.


The grapping hook comes from the ending of Dead or Alive 4's ending for Ryu Hayabusa.

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