Ryu (SSB6)
Ryu's artwork for Super Smash Bros. Universe
Symbol StreetFighterSymbol
Universe Street Fighter
Official Debut Street Fighter (1987)
Availability Unlockable

Ryu () is a veteran in the game Super Smash Bros. Universe. He represents the Street Fighter franchise, and his design has been changed his most recent appearance in Street Fighter V. In addition to retaining his playstyle and moveset from SSB4, Ryu now has a new Transformation Final Smash where he succumbs to the power of the "Satsui no Hado" and gains powered up attacks and new moves. Unlike other Final Smashes, Ryu can stay within the Evil Ryu form until a number of inputs will return him to normal. Ken Masters of the Street Fighter franchise also appears as an alternate skin of Ryu complete with his own voice clips, and special effects. Because of this, Ken also has the same ability as Ryu, and can transform in Violent Ken as well. Ryu's move have now been designed to most resemble their Street Fighter V versions.



Like the previous titles Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS, Universe features custom movesets, however some of the options are complete changes compared to just modified variations of the standard specials.

Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack -
  • Dash Attack -
  • Forward tilt -
  • Up tilt -
  • Down tilt -

Smash Attacks

  • Forward smash -
  • Up smash -
  • Down smash -

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial -
  • Forward aerial -
  • Back aerial -
  • Up aerial -
  • Down aerial -

Grabs and throws

  • Forward throw -
  • Back throw -
  • Up throw -
  • Down throw -

Special Moves

  • Neutral special - Hadouken:
  • Side special - Tatsumaki:
  • Up special - Shoryuken:
  • Down special - Focus Attack:

Final Smash

  • Shin Shroyuken -
Special Move Basic Custom 1 Custom 2
Neutral Special Hadouken
Side Special Tatsumaki
Up Special Shoryuken
Down Special Focus Attack
Final Smash Evil Ryu/Violent Ken


On-Screen Appearances

Victory Fanfare

Role in the Wrath of Shadows

Alternate Costumes

All of Ryu's palette swaps are pulled from his alternate costumes from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

Image Color Notes

DLC Costumes

Image Color Notes
  • Based off of Ryu's design from the original Street Fighter.
  • Part of the DLC Pack, Old School Alts.


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