Ryo (Image made with Anime Character maker 2)
Full Name Ryo
Gender Male
Species Human
Location No-Verse
Akio, Ko
Ability/ies Casualty Manipulation
Ryo is a character that lives in the No-Verse that is the best friend of both Ko and Akio. He enjoys living with them and sometimes helps them with there universes.


Ryo is mainly silent, responding in jesters or nodding. But sometimes he will talk. In fact, he actually will alter between silence and talking depending on his mood. He does not really like it if someone talks to him to much.


Ryo wares a grey suit jacket with a white dress shirt under it. He also wares blue jeans and a white shirt. As well as black socks and brown shoes.

Powers and Abilities

Casualty Manipulation: He can control the laws of casualty. Ryo uses this to help alongside his friends Akio and Ko when they make universes. He also can use this ability to advance or withdraw powers some of the characters in the universes they create have.