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Full Name Rynna Everne
Gender Female
Species Beorn
Location Sylva (hometown)
Align Neutral-Good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Beck (friend)
Main Weapon(s) Satchel, and possibly its contents
Ability/ies Intelligence, Resourcefulness
First Appearance Beck: Flow Across a Strange World (2016)

Rynna is a Beorn who first appears in Volume 1 of Beck: Flow Across a Strange World.


Rynna is a white Beorn of average body type. Her white fur is rather scruffy and rough at parts, often sticking out (similar to Boare). Much of the scruffy parts of her fur are pink. Similarly, her ears (which are pointier and more cat like for a Beorn), are mostly pink. Rynna's eyes have pink "eyelash marks" as well. At the ends of her arms are little black claws sticking out of the scruff.

Rynna wears a dark gray longcoat, with pink trim. On the back of her coat is a pink circle with a plus sign inscribed in it. Across her shoulder hangs her brown satchel. The satchel is a bit large, has many pockets, and is usually stuffed with things. If she has no more room, she'll stick things her her coat pockets. Her coat satchel also has some decorative pins and buttons.


Rynna is usually upbeat or bubbly. She enjoys studying history and related subjects, and as a result is rather smart. She's also a bit of a pack rat, as evident by her satchel.

Rynna fears conflict, and has a hard time leaving home.



Rynna was born and raised in the town of Sylva. Due to a monster attack at a young age, she's only left the are once. The closest she's been to leaving is the woods around Beck's home.

Beck: Flow Across a Strange World

Rynna is one of the main characters in Beck: Flow Across a Strange World.

Volume 1: Beaconrise

In the first volume, Rynna is introduced. She helps Beck leave town, and then reluctantly joins him on his adventure.



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