Ryan Kat
Ryan Kat, a.k.a. Ryan
Full Name Ryan Kat
Location Unknown
Class Magic Cat
Main Weapon(s) Tail

Ryan Kat is a human that has been cursed to be in a cat's body. Strangely, he grew wings when he was practicing magic, and has been able to fly. He is also friends with Kyu. Ryan Kat was created by me, and if you want to use him you must ask. Also, do not edit the page without permission unless you are editing spelling or grammar mistakes. Thank you!


Ryan is a seafoam green cat with white, angel-like wings and a purple "tie".


Ryan mainly fights by using his tail as a whip, because it can grow and shrink and it hurts to be hit by it. He can also use his wings to help him fight, because it helps him have control over the element of air. He also use magic, though he doesn't usually fight with it.


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