Date of Birth December 25th
Gender Male/Female
Species Shadow / Scarecrow / Chimera
Align Chaotic Hero
Current Status Alive
Class Ice Chimera
Family and Relations
Syi (bodyguard of)
Main Weapon(s) Lightmare Beam
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 7'09"
Weight 388 lbs
Ruth is a hyper-strong scarecrow-like chimera* who debuts in the Mallorian Monarch as a new bodyguard for Syinara Wyne. Ruth is a fiercely loyal guardian who originated from Zodiez's self-created dimension, having been summoned by that goddess in an effort to immensely aid the scarecrow and protect her from the arms of Queen Mallory. Ruth has powers of ice and metal, capable of using their elements at will and however she wants. As the story progresses, they develop a friendship of sorts with Syi.


Ruth is a towering chimera; being a combination of a canine and dragon -- they have the head and general body of a canine, but has small wings reminiscent of a European dragon and tail of a Chinese one. Ruth has a mostly black and brown wooden body with rotten spots and scars of red all over their body. Covering the body is a "war suit", which has various resemblances to General Scotch's, just modified to work for a canine like them. Their teeth are very sharp and long, incapable of fitting in their mouth and as such hang out to the sides and in front of their face. Hanging off the sides of their main body are two large cannons, which are part of her actual flesh. On their face is a pair of pink heart-shaped glasses, and attached to the forehead is a horn that resembles a lance. They bear some resemblances to the Pokémon Silvally.

Hanging from Ruth's neck is the Chaos Amulet, a ring with a eerily glowing green sheriff badge.


Ruth is a very gentle and considerate creature, being very different from most Shadows in the way that they're extremely welcoming and protective of whoever summons them. With a passion, they will defend whoever they're with that they developed friendly bonds with, and will often nurse and care for them like children. If their friends are attacked, Ruth breaks their friendly boundaries and lays an assault on the attacker, not stopping until they're all gone, regardless of whether they're dead or alive.

The creature prefers to strengthen bonds rather than break away from someone. If attacked by a friend, it will not react with an attack, instead it will allow them to keep attacking Ruth until their life is over. However, if they happen to be on the verge of death, they will give pleading eyes to their friend and beg for another chance, often thinking they were the one in the wrong. If a fault happens with a friend of Ruth's, they will take the blame even if they didn't cause it.

As a relationship with Ruth grows, they will take a greater liking to their friend and sleep close to them instead of just watching them all throughout the night.  They are not easily heartbroken and understand relationships extremely well; not forming jealousy or anything like that.  Hell, they know that a relationship with them will not really work all too well and would prefer if someone found a different partner, but will still take great joy in gaining a partner if they give their consent on the matter.


Ruth has a slew of various abilities, being able to fly and run around freely with ease and swim quickly through water. Ruth can additionally kill with ease, a simple charge built up with speed able to clear away weak foes. Ruth can additionally copy tactics and learn how to use enemy attacks as long as they involve ice or metal in some way. They can easily generate ice or bend metal, capable of forming shapes out of either, and in the case of the latter, generate ice that's so cold that fire cannot incinerate or break it down. In addition, Ruth can also build up tons of speed and break through walls, although they cannot destroy certain materials such as diamond.

Ruth isn't as strong as many make them out to be, but they can still pack a punch; making an excellent guardian for anyone that summons them. They can withstand any attack from an identified Shadow, including being able to survive / block anything from Mallory. They struggle most against fiery foes, as they can easily break through their wooden body and completely halt their icy attacks from working. Ruth has a very powerful attack -- if she eats souls, she can transform it into ice attacks, OR a mentally painful beam of light that curses hit targets with strong nightmares for a week.



  • Ruth's name came from the term "ruthless", referring to their great spirit and powerful capabilities as a guardian.
  • Ruth is a "healthy" combination of various Zaxinian Lifts characters -- she has Bowie's silence and badge, Valerie's flirty persona and a pair of related glasses, Zonas' demonic-cryogenic powers, Scotch's "suit" and social personality, Crimson's overall aggression and lance, Silver's ability to convert souls and energy into attacks, Fandraxono's heart and "loyalty", Syi's body style and DNA, and Mallory's "Shadow" family DNA.

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