Rusty's Real Deal Tennis
2056 3ds
American and European box-art
Developer(s) Aples Industries
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 4DS
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Sports

Rusty's Real Deal Tennis is the third main entry in the "Rusty's Real Deal" series, after Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and Rusty's Real Deal Golf. Starting with this game, the Rusty series is both downloadable and in stores, as seen with the slightly terrible box art shown above. This game expands on the Rusty universe with more innovative games than ever before, with six enticing games. It releases for the Nintendo 4DS eShop and everywhere else.


Rusty's Real Deal Tennis doesn't stray from the normal Rusty formula. There are three different buildings on a world map - your home, Rusty's shop and now, Rusty's house. First, we'll talk about the new addition, Rusty's home. In here you get to babysit all nine of his puppies by petting them on the bottom screen, repeating what they say and making similar faces to them. With the 4D effects of the 4DS, the puppies can blow at you using the fans and lick the touch screen, causing heat-up.

In your house, you can play the games you buy at the shop, just like in the past two games. And, of course, the shop is open 24/7 for your gaming needs. Once again, you must purchase the games using real money. Haggling returns as well. Anyways, let's take a look at all six games that you can purchase.

Shot Rally

In Shot Rally, a cannon shoots tennis balls at you and you must hit as many as you can. It's a simple concept, used in every Rusty game. However, because of the simple and repeated concept, the entire game is free. Yes, the entire package. This isn't the first Rusty game to give away a game for free, but it still is generous.

Target Practice

This is another game that has appeared in Rusty games before it, and in Rusty's Real Deal Golf, it even had the same name as it does now. The obvious object of the game is to hit tennis balls at the targets on the court. You can only miss three times before you get Game Over.

Blast Ball

No, this isn't mech soccer, but it is equally as interesting. This is the first actual tennis game found in Rusty's shop, but it is anything but normal. The tennis ball is huge, and you must rally it back and forth, which is not too easy. What's interesting here, though, is that if you don't hit the tennis ball, it bounces into your touch screen and cracks it. Once the ball is slammed against the touch screen enough, it breaks, and you get Game Over.

Bad Board

In this game, you'll be playing a normal tennis game on a wicked court. It tilts back and forth, and can sometimes be very disorienting as it messes with the screens a bit. Sometimes a ghost ball will be dropped onto the court, which is a dark-green tennis ball that disappears in a fog when hit. Be careful not to be tricked by it!

Tennis for Two

This is the first actual tennis game without any main gimmicks. It's as simple as that. This is the only game in which you are given a demo of it. In the demo you only get to play one match, but in the full game you get to play in a tournament with your opponent. It's quite the adventure.

Tennis Tumble

The final game strays far from what the other games are. In this game, you are bouncing on a giant tennis racket alone for about five seconds, before a giant tennis ball comes crashing down, both causing you to jump higher and giving you something to avoid. As you keep going on, more and more tennis balls will drop in an orderly fashion, with the limit being five. It's a bit challenging to avoid them, but once you get the hang of it it's all smooth sailing.

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