Rust Browns
Rust's basic appearance
Full Name Rust
Species Koopa Troopa
Class Protagonist
First Appearance Blacklight: Dawn of a New Darkness

Rust (full name: Troy Browns) is a protagonist of the Blacklight series of video games, and a member of the Insurgence. Unlike his superior, he is outgoing and fun-loving, with a deep passion for all technology, for which he both revives and creates for the team. He is the youngest member of the Insurgence, at 14 years old, though has the highest IQ of all of them.


Not much is known about Rust's life before the Conquering of Sky City. After Schatten took over, Rust was forced to work for the man, being tortured and beaten heavily during his short time there, before escaping alongside two other scientists. He met Blacklight after he saved him from two Spitron Mechs.


Blacklight series

Rust is a secondary protagonist of the Blacklight video game series. Not much of his role within the series is currently known.

Relationships with other characters

James Wylde

Jason Owens

Rachel Turner

Isabelle Goodway


  • Like how many of the Insurgence changed during production, Rust was originally a Hammer Bro. with the name of Oil Slick. Orangutang Pizza has stated that him being a Hammer Bro. "made too much sense", and was changed to a regular Koopa Troopa.
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