Runten is Unten's decendent, and the main character of Fantendo Figurine Fighters: Kids. He is also the main character of Fantendo Kids. He is also the macot of Baby Awesomecartoongames.


Fantendo Figurine Fighters: Kids

In this game, Runten is a orphan living at Happy Happy Orphanage, not knowing that he and his 2 best friends Patch and McClue belong in the Descendents of Heroes School, because they are the descendents of Unten, Pesh and McBoo respectively. When the Toy Breaker comes to town and turns all the Fantendo Kids and other characters into toys, he manages to get away with his other "Toyefied" friends, Patch, McClue and BYE( Descendent of YE Nook). He says that they must go after the other Toyefied Fantendo Kids so they can build an army and beat the Toy Breaker, and the all go off.

Fantendo Kids

He is set to be the main character of this game, and he will be able to use 3 Beorn moves to fight, Beorn Blast, Beorn Jump and Beorn Light.


He is able to use several Beorn Abilities, such as the Beorn Spin, the Beorn Blast, the Beorn Light and the Beorn Jump.

Physical Appearence

Runten looks almost excactly like his ancestor, except he has green fur, a tuff on his hair and a short,stubby bear tail. In Fantendo Figurine Fighters: Kids, he looks almost excactly like his real life counterpart, except he has a screw on each of his arms and legs, and he has a wind up on his back.

Voice Actors

In Fantendo Figurine Fighters: Kids, he is voiced by his creator, awesomecartoongames, and he voices him in Fantendo Kids, too.


Patch- Patch is his best friend, and they have been since they were babies. They both were orphans, even though they were the descendents of two great heroes. Patch can cheer Runten when he is sad by doing tricks with his Pushies, and that was also what made them friends in the first place.

Clinty McClue- McClue and him are very good friends, and he and Patch were the only ones who aren't scared of him, as he is a Ghost. He sometimes makes fun of him because his ancestors were all pink, but they are still very good friends.

Toy Breaker- The Toy Breaker is Runten's arch enemy, and also is the one who destroyed his orphanage. He may be a boss in Fantendo Kids.

Sunny-Scythe Jr.- He is a boss in Fantendo Figurine Fighters: Kids, and the main boss of Fantendo Kids. He is also his enemy because he is to crazy for him.

Unten- Even though they never met in person, he did have a vision of Unten telling him to never give up.

BYE- He is good friend of Runten's, but they sometimes bicker on who's ancestor is Better.

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