Runner Collection Micro is the Micro Gamer version of Runner Collection. Most of the multiplayer modes are gone, but this new version has a good amount of different stuff.

Runner Collection Micro
Developer(s) Gigabyte Gaming
Publisher(s) Gigabyte Gaming
Platform(s) Micro Gamer
Release Date(s)
April 5, 2016
Story (Lakitu's Eacape), Story (Toad Run).
Genre(s) Runner
Series Runner Collection
Predecessor Runner Collection
Successor N/A

Lakitu's Escape 

Lakitu's Escape once again appears in RCM. Not much has changed, as the story is the same and online levels still work.

Toad Run 

Toad Run also appears in Runner Collection Micro. Most everything is the same, except there are now new bosses, characters, and more.

Changes from Runner Collection 

  • Toadsworth is now a playable character from the start, and a Paper Toad and Mini Toad are available as unlockable characters.
  • A side plot is unlocked when the game is completed, allowing Toad to try to save Peach from Wario.
  • Multiplayer can only be played when connecting with another device, as there is no way for split screen on one device.
  • Runner vs. Obstacles mode has been replaced by Streetpass Level Play, where you can create a level that other people can play when they pass you.