Wrench artwork from Abstracted Planet

The Wrench is the first weapon obtained by Vassal or Aurelia in Abstracted Planet. It has the useful ability to repair certain machines located throughout the worlds at the cost of Scrap Metal, and also repair any damage done to your machines during the level (to avoid having to leave the level and return to obtain another one).

The Wrench is later upgraded to it's true form, the Runic Wrench, which has the added functionality of working on runic objects.


Machine Damage Level Repair Cost
Hoverbike 0-25% 5x Scrap Metal
25-50% 10x Scrap Metal
50-75% 15x Scrap Metal
75-100% 25x Scrap Metal
Mai 0-25% 1x Scrap Metal
25-50% 5x Scrap Metal
50-75% 10x Scrap Metal
75-100% 20x Scrap Metal

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