RunBruhRun logo made by Crimson the Fandraxonian
Developer(s) TeamTiger
Publisher(s) TeamTiger
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Porbably Spring 2015
Genre(s) Side-Scrolling Platformer
RunBruhRun its a side-scrolling platformer for the Nintendo 3DS, developed by TeamTiger. The style is similar to Bit.Trip Runner, you keep moving and jumping until you reach the finish line and complete the level. The game will launch in June 2015 and will be the first TeamTiger's game to be in a Nintendo handheld console. The graphics are really simple. Male Characters are called "Bruhs" while Female Characters are called "Suhs"


Story Mode

In this mode you will face many levels and see many cutscenes unlocking characters and using them to complete the story of the game. All levels last 1-4 minutes. There's also bosses you gotta fight with. Levels have enemies.

Free Run

Here, you can do a quick infinite run, with random-generated obstacles and it only stops, when you lose.

BruhQuest (Solo/Local/Online)

Play alone or up to 4 friends in an infinte run, more difficult than a FreeRun with enemies, minibosses, different courses, Power-ups, and many more things. This mode also has Bruh Missions, fast missions that you can complete through matches, like getting a certain amount of points, defeating certain amounts of enemies, staying alive for a certain amount of time, and many, many more. Completing them will give you Bruh Points

Battle Mode (Race/Infinite)

You can play with 2-12 people in already made maps to see who crosses the line first and wins or in infinite maps like in Free Run, the one that stays alive more, wins. 

Level Editor - Hall Of Creators

The game has a level editor where you can make your own levels or download other ones from other people, you can also post them to people to play and rate them!


JumpBruhJump its a simple minigame inside the real game, you bounce in platforms for an infinite time until you die, you can choose your characters also, but they don't change the gameplay, just the skin of the character and sometimes, the background. You get only Bruh Points from this minigame.


The game has a Shop, where you can buy characters and icons for your profile. Not all the characters are available on the store, below you can see wich of them are in the store. Characters cost 2000 Bruh Points and Icons only 500 Bruh Points. Bruh Points are obtained in all the other gamemodes. Every Bruh has an Icon.


In the game you control Bruhs, wich are little creautures that you can obtain by playing the Story Mode, Achievements or purchasing them. These is a list of all the confirmed bruhs to be in the game to date. The symbol Trophysprite means that they can be obtained by Achievements

NOTE: All Specials will have an Icon, put your mouse over an Icon to see the description.

Bruh Lore Obtaining Method Special
Bruhdefault Bruh TBA Default Character BruhPower  Super Bruh
Luchadorbruh Luchador Bruh TBA Story Mode LuchadorBruhPower  Mighty Slam
Fancybruh Fancy Bruh TBA Story Mode FancyBruhPower Fancy Stuff
Magebruh Mage Bruh TBA Story Mode MageBruhPower  Magic Beams
Vampirebruh Vampire Bruh TBA Story Mode VampireBruhPower  Night Call
Alienbruh Alien Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop AlienBruhPower  UFO
Cowboybruh Bandit Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Pistol Rampage: Starts shooting everywhere and slowing rivals for 8 seconds
Cavemanbruh Caveman Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Dino Rush: Calls his dinosaur pet and drives him quickly for 8 seconds, stuns rivals.
Hawaiinbruh Hawaiin Suhs TBA Buying him at the Shop Wave: A giant wave passes trough the stage, she surfs the wave and boosts her for 8 second, stuns rivals.
Lincoln Lincoln Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Freedom: A bald eagle takes him and boosts him for 8 seconds, also stunning rivals.
Revolutionarysoilderbruh Revolutionary Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Independence: He enters a carriage and starts boosting himself for 8 seconds stunning rivals.
Robinbruh Robin Hood Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Poor's Hero: A wave of villagers runs quickly through the stage and stuns any rival on their way.
Builderbruh Builder Bruh TBA Trophysprite Level Designer Construction: Stage begins shaking for everyone but the Builder Bruh.
Egyptianqueenbruh Egyptian Queen Suhs TBA Trophysprite Queen of the Nile Royal Carriage: She calls a carriage and boosts himself for 8 seconds, also can shoot snakes to rivals and stun them while she is in the carriage.
MercuryBruh Freddie Bruh TBA Trophysprite Don't Stop Me Now Mr. Farenheit: Freddie becomes a living flame and boosts himself for 8 seconds.
Goldguy Mr.Gold Bruh TBA Trophysprite Shiny Shiny! Shiny Dreams: Every rival gets stunned for 8 seconds.
Moriobruh Mario Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Star: Turns invincible and faster for 8 seconds.
Lonkbruh Link Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Fierce Deity: Link becomes Fierce Deity Link and becomes faster for 8 second and can attack enemies stunning them.
Little Mac Bruh Little Mac Bruh TBA Buying him at the Shop Doc Training: Doc Louis comes with his bike, Mac starts chasing him for 8 seconds and boosting his speed, Doc also stuns any rival on his way.
Liambruh2 Liam Bruh TBA

Buying him at the Shop or Purchasing Extintion

Air Support: Calls an helicopter and boosts him for 8 seconds, and can also shoot rivals and slow them.



Bruh Points

Bruh Points are the money of the game, you gain Bruh Points through matches, when completing Bruh Missions in Bruh Quest or by getting Achievements.

In every match where you run (Free Run and Bruh Quest) you get one point every five seconds alive. In Bruh Quest you can complete Bruh Missions wich can give you from 50 Bruh Points, up to 1000 Bruh Points, depending on the difficulty. Also, in Bruh Quest, finding treasures will give you an amount of Bruh Points, from 10 to 200 Bruh Points, depending on the time you spent finding them and the position they are from the level.

In Battle Mode, if you finish in first place, 40 BP, in second place, 30 BP, third place, 10 BP, and below that, only 5 BP. In JumpBruhJump, every time you jump in a platform, the game will give you 1 Bruh Point, jumping in red platforms will give you 5 BP, jumping in gold ones will give you 10, jumping in diamond ones will give you 15 and jumping in rainbow platforms will give you 20 BP.

Every Achievement will give you 100 Bruh Points.

DLC Characters

RunBruhRun will have DLC packs in the future of his release. They will include characters and exclusive Icons.

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